Beauty, visibility and safety

These are three things that our chic e-line Top-Fans Stefania and Giuseppe experience while travelling in their Carthago, “Herr Grau” (M. Grey). Read their new report to find out exactly what these three things are all about.

Coming home

Our Top-Fans Stefania and Giuseppe visited us in Carthago City, in Aulendorf, with their chic e-line "Herr Grau"(M. Grey). In this report, they tell you about their journey and their stay with us.

Ray and Maria -Why they love travelling in their motorhome

Ray and Maria share their love for travelling in their motorhome. Find out why Carthago is their perfect companion on the road.

Iceland: We, "Herr Grau" and the origin of the country

Our Top-Fans Stefania and Guiseppe were on the road in Iceland with their chic e-line "Herr Grau” (Mr. Grey) and let you know their personal highlights.

In Iceland with “Herr Grau” (Mr. Grey)

Join Herr Grau (Mr. Grey) on his Iceland adventure with his Carthago motorhome. Experience stunning landscapes and the joy of traveling.

chic e-line: Shower in the motorhome: yes or no? With the chic e-line 51 QB it is definitely YES!

Shower in the motorhome - yes or no? With the Carthago chic e-line 51 QB, definitely yes! Discover the innovative shower solutions.

Storage space presentation chic s-plus

Our chic s-plus Top-Fans are thrilled with their huge double floor and have shared with us their tips on how and where they load which equipment.

Use of the kitchen in the motorhome

Our chic e-line Top-Fans have been on the road with their motorhome and show you how great their kitchen is.

Ray and Maria tell us what they particularly like about their liner-for-two

Ray and Maria share what they love about their Carthago Liner for Two. Find out their favorite features and get inspired for your own motorhome journeys.

chic s-plus Top-Fans

Get to know the Carthago chic s-plus Top fans. Find out more about their enthusiasm for the chic s-plus model and be inspired.

winter paradise - chic e-line Top-Fans on the road

Experience the winter paradise with Carthago Chic E-Line Top Fans. Follow their journeys and create unforgettable memories.

Ray and Maria in Scotland

Ray and Maria's Scottish adventure with Carthago Liner for Two. Follow their journey and get inspired for your own motorhome travels.

Ray and Maria introduce themselves

Ray and Maria, top fans of Carthago Liner for Two, share their experiences and adventures. Discover the luxury and comfort of this motorhome.

Infinite storage space - With so much space!

Our Top-Fans Stefania and Giuseppe are on the road non-stop with their chic e-line I 51 QB and are especially enthusiastic about the large storage space in their motorhome.

Stefania and Giuseppe introduce themselves

Meet Stefania and Giuseppe, dedicated Carthago enthusiasts. Get to know their stories, adventures, and their love for the Chic E-line motorhome series.