Winter paradise - chic e-line Top-Fans on the road

December is the time of festivities, but also of snowy landscapes, of Christmas markets. And what could be better than spending a relaxing evening in the motorhome after a day outdoors, in the warmth of your own home, with friends and perhaps a hot chocolate?

Nothing if the motorhome is warm. In our HERR GRAU (Mister Grey), the Alde hot water heater makes you feel good. The heat is not stifling, it is constant and even from the living area to the bedroom.

We spent a few wonderful days in Trentino-Alto Adige and Veneto, visiting beautiful places that we had already experienced in summer. And I must say: in winter it is breathtakingly beautiful. 

Our first stop was the "Live Meran" campsite, which was very convenient for us because of its proximity to the centre and its excellent facilities. During our stay at the Christmas markets, while drinking mulled wine, at the Forst brewery during dinner, the heating was set to 220 V all day long. It's well known among campers: In winter, the gas bottle always runs out 99% of the time between 3 and 4 a.m., and even though today there are devices like the Duo Comfort by Truma, it is of course very pleasant to know that you don't have to get up and go out...!

Do you still remember the radiators at home? Well, that's how Alde's heating works too. The radiator pipes run from the cabin to the bottom of the side walls (so also in the bathroom) and then under the bed, which is very convenient, and besides, with the "double-floor basement" there is also the effect of underfloor heating.

We left Merano and drove to the Pragser Wildsee lake, where we took a break for a few hours. The snow-covered landscape makes everything more beautiful. When you walk on the frozen lake, you have a 360-degree view of the beautiful mountains surrounding it, with a great 3D effect!

On our excursions we did a lot of Christmas gift shopping, visiting the Forst brewery, the Pedavena brewery in the province of Belluno and the "Mondo Latte" company in Dobbiaco, all of which have good parking facilities, even for motorhomes as large as ours.

During the trips, there was never a lack of warmth in the entire motorhome, thanks to the possibility of leaving the Alde on even while driving. The result is that the heat doesn't just stay in the cabin with the classic warm air nozzles, but is spread throughout the whole vehicle and always evenly: very comfortable...

Besides the snow, there was also a lot of rain! After opening the umbrellas, we were happy to see Bassano del Grappa again with its famous bridge and interesting museum, then we parked under the walls of Marostica, toured the town and looked at its famous chessboard. And then we visited Cittadella and Monselice. These are all interesting stops with good parking facilities. And the best thing after such trips in winter is that you can look forward to a warm and cosy motorhome.

Let me tell you something: I so often observe people who have to get into campers or cars, with their wet clothes, freezing in the vehicle and with the windows completely fogged up. I am so happy that after a trip we can comfortably put on our slippers and hang up our jackets, and I always think: "See how comfortable and nice it is to have a motorhome? Think about it!"

To return to our short holiday: We were able to plug into the electricity pillars almost everywhere and thus use the 220-volt heating. If that was not possible, we switched on the gas heating. A great system!  In the kitchen, I can also prepare great meals with the help of the gas (if you think campers don't cook, you're wrong!).

At the end of the trip, our HERR GRAU (Mister Grey) was really dirty. When we came home, we cleaned him thoroughly so that he shines and glows again. And then came our highlight: We were able to decorate our HERR GRAU (Mister Grey) with the Top-Fans stickers from Carthago! Now you can recognise us directly on the road and if you have any questions or are curious, just knock. We look forward to seeing you!