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There is nothing nicer than sleeping in your own bed when you are on a trip and feeling at home. Travelling in a Carthago motorhome is luxurious premium class travel on four wheels!

When you buy a motorhome you are comfortable and safe on your travels at all times with our premium semi-integrated models and also our integrated models - wherever the route takes you.

Range of chassis

Fiat Ducato
Fiat Ducato
Iveco Daily
Iveco Daily

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The fascination of the premium semi-integrated - Dynamic and comfortable – simply Carthago

They are the coupés among motorhomes – flat, stylish and dynamic. The slender driver’s cab gives you a feeling of security and gives the motorhome great handling. The flat profile of the roof connection optimises the aerodynamics and gives semi-integrated motorhomes a bit of sportiness for the way. An attractive side-effect: because of the original driver’s cab of your basic vehicle, the semiintegrated motorhomes are always somewhat more cost-effective then the elaborate integrated motorhomes. The T-models therefore represent the entry level to the world of Carthago motorhomes.

c-tourer T

The light semi-integrated motorhome - Premium gene in the 3.5 tonnes weight class

chic c-line T

The extra class: semi-integrated – extravagant and comfortable

The fascination of the integrated premium class

The Carthago core competence

The individual design of the Carthago Premium Integrated fascinates even from afar. On the road you can see both the landscape and the traffic thanks to the excellent visibility. After arriving at your destination you have the exceptional spacious feeling. There are many reasons why more than  1 in 6 registered integrated motorhomes in the price category from € 85,000 and above in Europe is now a Carthago. You too can enter the world of integrated premium motorhomes! You will appreciate the generous space of the living area and the perfectly integrated driver’s cab. Space is the true luxury – enjoy it while living and relaxing in front of the TV, in the kitchen or in the separate changing room. At night you are given a warm welcome by the easily accessible drop-down bed above the front seats, or the rear bed with largest sleeping areas in its class and the extremely pleasant sleeping comfort.


Motorhome comfort in Van format

c-tourer I

The lightweight in the premium class - also suitable for the 3.5 tonnes weight class

chic c-line / chic c-line XL

The elegant all-rounder - Extravagance, comfort and sophistication

chic e-line / chic e-line XL new generation

The world champion in self-sufficiency with Liner genes

The payload World Champion – the Carthago Liner class

Integrated motorhomes: Our core competence

Individual design, best view over the landscape and an exceptional feeling of space. After arriving at your destination, a generous living area is created by simply turning the front seats. The comfortable fold-down bed above the front seats welcomes you in the night-time that gives you a relaxing nights sleep due to its impressive sleeping area. Step up to the world of the integrated premium motorhomes! You will appreciate the generous space of the living area and the driver's cabin perfectly integrated into it. There is no confinement at all. When living nor in the comfortable relaxing posture when watching television. Thus, there are many reasons why in the mean time every 6th integrated premium motorhome that is registered new in the price category from €80,000 in Europe is a Carthago.

chic s-plus / chic s-plus XL new generation

The self-sufficiency world champion with Liner genes on Iveco Daily with rear-wheel drive


Unique. Innovative. Extravagant.