Welcome to Carthago Customer Services!

We want you to be satisfied with your Carthago motorhome and to experience unforgettably beautiful journeys. Therefore, we attach great importance to the ongoing qualification of our service and trade partners, because they are first and foremost your contact persons in terms of service performance. On the factory side, we provide our partners with support for complex technical issues through our Carthago customer service and the factory-owned Carthago Service Centre. The supply of required spare parts for our customers also runs throughout Europe via our dealer and service partners.

The Carthago dealer and service network is at your disposal throughout Europe with advice and support. Our trade partners are regularly qualified and supported by us. In case of complex technical issues, the Carthago Service Centre is also available to support our trade partners.

In any case, please first make an appointment with your dealer and service partner from whom you purchased your motorhome.

They will plan a service appointment for you in coordination with you and, if necessary, also with the Carthago Service Centre.

You will find the current overview of the trade and service partners under this link.

Emergency numbers

In spite of the best possible travel preparations, unforeseen technical emergencies can unfortunately occur in your motorhome such as a leak on/in the vehicle or a problem with the power supply. Since these problems may occur outside our opening times, we have set up an emergency phone number for our customers.

You will receive technical assistance from one of our service employees on emergency telephone number +49 (0)7525 / 9200 3333. This number is available at the following times:

Monday to Friday 16.30 – 20.00 hrs.

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays 10.00 – 20.00 hrs.

If you have any questions concerning the functionality of your motorhome, please contact your Carthago trade partner, who will be pleased to help. In the following, you will also find the service numbers of our chassis and accessory suppliers, who would also be pleased to assist you with technical matters.

We recommend having the following documents and information to hand so that the customer centre can help you as quickly as possible:

  • Vehicle papers (particularly chassis number and registration)
  • Exact location (if this is not known, details of nearby town or motorway exit)
  • Problem description in as much detail as possible

Chassis manufacturer

  • Fiat: 00800 34281111
    With the Fiat Camper Service you will receive help quickly if your Fiat-based motorhome breaks down. The emergency number applies throughout Europe and is reachable 24/7. More information is available on the homepage of Fiat Camper Service.
  • Iveco Assistance Non-Stop:  0800 48326000 
    The 24-hour emergency service from Iveco. More information is available on the Iveco homepage.
  • MAN: 0800 66245324
  • Mercedes Benz: 0800 17777777 
  • AL-KO: 0800 2556000

Individuelle Rettungskarte erstellen

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