There are a few things to explain and know about travelling in a motorhome and about our vehicles. Because it can be difficult to take note of everything when your Carthago motorhome is handed over and so that you are always well prepared and informed, we have come up with some tips & tricks for you.

Whether you're looking for practical tips for winter camping, a detailed checklist for getting your motorhome ready for the spring, or just want some useful advice for your motorhome travels - you're sure to find some helpful information here!

Our goal is to help you to help yourself.

For this reason, we try to keep expanding and updating our tips and tricks and also provide you with short and informative step-by-step instructions for solving smaller problems. These guidelines deal with everyday problems that you can usually sort out yourself with small steps and simple means.


If you are still unable to solve a problem, you will find more information here: After Sales.


Checklist: ready for spring

Many are already longing for spring with warmth and sunshine. With the current weather forecasts, many motorhome owners can rejoice because spring is approaching.

Das Bild zeigt zwei Mitarbeiter, welche gerade ein Rad eines Wohnmobils wechseln

Vehicle handling – tips and tricks for starting

As a little reminder or to refresh your memory, we have listed a few tricks for you here to ensure that no operating errors spoil your enjoyment of mobile travelling.

Check list: vehicle maintenance

Many people want to look after their mobile home just like their house. Here are some important tips and care instructions.


Where can I find information about the ordering and delivery status of a replacement part?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with any information regarding the delivery status of an order.
We can only determine this using the order number, which is sent to the dealer during online ordering. Therefore, only the dealer can send inquiries to us about the delivery status.

Where can I find the user manual for my vehicle?

The user manual can be downloaded from our website, provided  that you have a motorhome from model year 2021 onwards. If you haven't received any access data from us or your dealer, please contact with your chassis number.

If your motorhome is older than model year 2021, please ask your dealer for the user manual. Our system does not allow user manuals to be ordered directly from the manufacturer. Our European network of dealers and service partners would be pleased to receive and process your order. Choose the partner who is closest to you or from whom you purchased your vehicle. Our dealers can also provide user manuals in PDF format. You can therefore ask your dealer to send you the PDF.

How do I get an appointment at the Carthago Service Center?

Our service centre in the factory mainly deals with comprehensive jobs such as vehicles damaged in accidents and complex, difficult repairs which are sent to us by dealers.
We would therefore be grateful if you would let your dealer carry out repairs and inspections. The dealers are given training by us at regular intervals, and are in a position to independently repair any defects which crop up. If a dealer requires our help, it will contact us.

What is the procedure for warranty cases?

The warranty provider is the contract provider, who can then claim back the costs from Carthago. With regard to this, it must be said that only your contract partner is obliged to process your warranty. A different Carthago dealer or service partner can carry out the work, but only on a voluntary basis. 

As we have described, you can generally have warranty work carried out by Carthago dealers throughout Europe. However, please understand that we do not have any influence on the local dealer's scheduling of appointments, and are not aware of the respective workshop capacity. Since the dealers represent different motorhomes makes, they cannot deal with all Carthago customers immediately, and will look after their own customers first. The dealers will certainly also attempt to deal with third-party customers as quickly as possible when capacity is available. 

It is therefore advisable to purchase your Carthago motorhome from the Carthago dealer that is closest you. This will ensure that you will receive competent and good warranty support. 
If something does happen while you are on your travels, our Carthago dealers throughout Europe will try to help you at short notice in the event of an emergency. However, more extensive work should then be carried out by your contract partner. 

Where can I order spare parts?

We want you to be able to obtain spare parts and accessories.
However, our system does not allow orders to be placed and price information requests to be sent directly to the manufacturer. Our European network of dealers and service partners would be pleased to receive and process your order. Choose the partner who is closest to you or from whom you purchased your vehicle.

However, if you are looking for Carthago merchandise and exclusive accessories, take a look in our Carthago Shop!

Where can I get suitable protective covers for the seats of my vehicle?

We recommend that you contact our supplier G+S Die Polstermacher directly. 
Contacting this company is the best way to get help with protective covers. 

G+S Sitz- und Polstermöbel GmbH   
Hainweg 4   
67677 Enkenbach-Alösenborn, Germany
Phone: +49 6701 205 26 – 0   
Fax: +49 6701 205 26 – 299   

Where and how can I obtain suitable tyres and wheels for my motorhome?

The best idea would be to contact a tyre dealer in your area. They can obtain wheels/tyres for you using the information from the COC document. All of the relevant data that the tyre dealer needs to purchase the wheels/tyres is noted in the COC document, as described above. 

The tyre manufacturers specify which wheel size has to be adhered to. This is not defined by us, but by the tyre manufacturers or the TÜV assessment. You can also purchase original aluminium wheels from FIAT, Mercedes or Al-Ko.

How do I set the correct tyre pressure?

FIAT specifies the maximum pressure for all vehicle weights (transporters)! The axle load and tyre size are decisive with regard to the tyre pressure. This results in an inflation pressure. The axle loads can be found in your vehicle registration document. Some examples can be found in the user manual.
Please use the maximum axle load that is specified in the vehicle registration document. Then you can look up the front axle and rear axle in the table accordingly.

Can I increase the weight of my vehicle?

If you wish to increase the weight, please send a copy of the vehicle registration document to your Carthago dealer. The dealer will submit your request to us accordingly. If a weight increase is possible, you will receive the relevant documents from your dealer.

Questions concerning retrofitting

Is it possible to retrofit a 5th seat?

Subsequent retrofitting is not possible, because the 3-point seat belt system must be securely attached to the chassis and tested means of a pull assessment. 
Before the habitation is installed, reinforcements are fitted to the chassis and the side panel. 
These are not fitted during the manufacture of the panel if the vehicle was not ordered from the factory with a 5th seat.

Can items be retrofitted to the steering wheel?

With the Mercedes, it is not possible to retrofit a removable steering wheel via us or an authorized Carthago dealer. This is only possible with an IVECO chassis.

We recommend that you contact Fahrzeugbau Meier. 
Fahrzeugbau Meier GmbH
In der Herrnau 7
90518 Altdorf – Ludersheim, Germany
Phone:  +49 (0) 9187 – 90 89 78 – 0 
Fax:  +49 (0) 9187 – 90 89 78 – 31 

Can a bike rack be retrofitted?

A bike rack can be fitted, but there is no fixed point or model. During installation, you just need to ensure that spacer sleeves are inserted into the panel. Fitting is not permitted with GRP rear panels.

Can a belt buckle or restraint system be retrofitted?

This was advertised by a company called VSR Systems in an article in the REISEMOBIL international specialist magazine. 

VSR Systeme GmbH & CoKG
Lagerhausstraße 2
96052 Bamberg, Germany
Tel: 0951-40733722

We do not have any experience with the company or its work. You can find other companies which specialise in this type of retrofitting on Google.

Can I retrofit a trailer hitch to my vehicle?

You can have a trailer hitch installed by the following companies: 

Can supporting jacks and wheels be retrofitted?

Since we generally do not retrofit electric supporting jacks or aluminium wheels in the factory, we can only provide you with the following contact addresses.

For HY4 electric supporting jacks:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

However, if you prefer hydraulic supporting jacks, you can contact the following company:

The aluminium wheels are original spare parts from FIAT. We would therefore advise you to contact your FIAT Professional service partner with regard to this. You can obtain the Carthago emblem which goes in the centre from your Carthago trading partner.

Can Isofix be retrofitted?

Subsequent retrofitting is not possible, because the Isofix system has to be securely attached to the chassis. 
Before the habitation can be installed, some complex modifications to the chassis are required. For this reason, retrofitting cannot be carried out here.
You could also contact VSR Systeme GmbH & Co KG. This company provides restraint systems.

VSR Systeme GmbH & Co KG
Lagerhausstraße 2
96052 Bamberg, Germany
Tel: 0951-40733722

What is the warranty for retrofits and installations by third parties?

As the manufacturer, Carthago can generally only maintain a guarantee and warranty for materials which have been installed by the factory. Retrofits and installations carried out by third parties are therefore not included in our guarantee conditions and liabilities

The company which carries out the work is generally always liable for attachments/retrofits and resulting problems that occur outside of our factories. If damage to your vehicle occurs that is attributable to these retrofits, claims cannot be made against Carthago.