Beauty, visibility and safety

Even though the days are short and cold at the moment, we use our beautiful motorhome as often as possible. Because every season has its charm and let's be honest, we want for nothing in a motorhome. Even in cold temperatures, it's a good place to stay. It's even very pleasant to sit in the warmth, look out of the window and say:"See how good it feels to be in a motorhome when it's freezing outside?".

Spring may still seem a long way off, but it's just around the corner!
Then the sun will come out and the barren landscapes will start to bloom again.

There can never be enough safety when travelling, which is why the view from the motorhome is very important. There are many criteria that Carthago takes into account with its cabin visibility concept.


Sitting in the cab is a real pleasure and you can enjoy the view outside comfortably and safely.
Personally, I like taking photos and often find myself taking pictures through the rear-view mirrors, which are very wide and therefore allow a good view to the rear. (Not for nothing are they called 'Carthago best view' 😉) Not to mention the windscreen! A huge screen on which nature projects its beauty live. On which we have a marvellous view of the road while driving with maximum visibility up and down, thanks to the beautifully sloping dashboard.

But each of us who uses the motorhome makes adjustments and changes over time according to our needs, just like in a house.
That's why we've found on our travels that we need sun visors if the sun reflects on our big, beautiful windscreen when we're on the road.

We got to know the Scalabros company in Valsamoggia in the province of Bologna and visited it during one of our trips before returning home.
We discovered a wonderful company made up of friendly people.
We explained our needs to them, especially not to compromise the aesthetics of the motorhome, and they took measurements and presented us with various solutions. After a live test against the sun and the type of filter, we were able to decide on the material and placed the order.
As our windscreen is very large, we decided to divide the overall width into two parts so that each of us can lower the sun protection to suit our needs. Our sun protection arrived within 30 days!
In the few hours we were in the workshop, Giuseppe and I assembled them with a little manual dexterity and the help of screws and screwdrivers.

We are very satisfied with the purchase and the advice we received. The bars are invisible on the outside and fit perfectly into the cabin on the inside.

Now we just have to wait for the spring sunshine!


                                                                             Stefania, Giuseppe and “Herr Grau”


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