Coming home

Our Top-Fans Stefania and Giuseppe visited us in Carthago City, in Aulendorf, with their chic e-line "Herr Grau"(M. Grey). In this report, they tell you about their journey and their stay with us ...

When you travel, you meet many campers, each with their own vehicle and their own brand. Of course, it also happens that you meet someone who owns the same brand of motorhome, which is very nice and comes with a feeling of connection.

But a special highlight is meeting other Carthago owners at the Carthago City site, the home of Carthago motorhomes.


Therefore, and due to some free time and the desire to visit our friends in Carthago City again, we got our "Herr Grau" ready in no time and drove off towards Aulendorf.

As our motorhome "Herr Grau" is over 3.5 tonnes, we had to pay the obligatory flat-rate truck tax for Swiss motorway transit when crossing Switzerland. But that was easy thanks to the handy "VIA" app of the Swiss motorways.

It is a very convenient application that explains everything in detail about the different taxes of the different vehicles. You can easily choose the period for which you pay the tax online and show your ticket to the officials at the border via mobile phone, without having to print it out. We chose the selection "10 crossings in one year".


From Rome, the journey to Aulendorf is not exactly around the corner, but traversing the beautiful countryside is always an experience, especially when done without haste and in the comfort of a powerful motorhome, like our chic e-line 51 QB.


After travelling through Italy, we arrived in the Swiss mountains. Crossing the San Bernardino Pass was very pleasant, not least because the day was beautiful. Travelling with a camper van is always pleasant, no one is chasing you, you are the master of your own time.

When we passed a beautiful frozen lake, we couldn't resist and stopped.
The temperatures in our motorhome were very pleasant, when we got out, the fresh air and wind really gave us a boost of energy. This unexpected stop on the shores of Lake Isola made the morning unique. A walk through the trees, a few steps in the snow, a few photos, and it was already time for the coffee break until we continued to "Carthago City".

We then stopped for lunch near Bregenz. However, I must confess that there was an urge to finally get to Carthago City. For this reason, after drinking a nice coffee prepared in our motorhome overlooking the lake, we drove straight on to Aulendorf.

Due to the good weather and the early Sunday afternoon, there were only a few cars on the road, and soon the unmistakable silhouette of Carthago appeared on the horizon.

After setting up our “Herr Grau” on the pitch, where electricity was available for all visitors, we rode around on our scooter and got a taste of some "home air".

On Monday morning, the Carthago City reception staff had placed everything we needed for a delicious breakfast outside the door of the motorhome! What more could you want!

During our stay, we took the opportunity to have scheduled checks done on our vehicle, such as the annual leak test and a check of the gas and heating system. This gave us a first-hand impression of the organisation and efficiency of the workshop and allowed us to meet some of the "insiders" with whom we could exchange ideas and opinions. And all this in a really friendly atmosphere.

With sunshine and beautiful weather, we were able to explore the area with the scooter we had stowed in the garage and visited Aulendorf, Bad Waldsee and other villages in the area. It was wonderful to walk through the German countryside, to look at the forests, albeit with bare trees, and the lakes of this region and to enjoy the aromas of Swabia. In doing so, we held for ourselves that we must repeat this experience in other seasons.

The "sightseeing tour" in the Carthago exhibition hall, even if we have already done it several times, is always fascinating. Viewing the vehicles on display at leisure, imagining your own things in a new context and perhaps thinking about a new purchase is nice because you feel "at home".

As it should, the pitch came to life at the end of the day - motorhomes of all nationalities and all brands arrived: the Carthago City pitch is available for all passing motorhomes.

Stefania, Guiseppe and "Herr Grau"