Storage space presentation chic s-plus

Our chic s-plus Top-Fans are thrilled with their huge double floor and have shared with us their tips on how and where they load which equipment.

External hatch behind driver's door

All the equipment required for emergencies, such as a warning lamp, first-aid bag and warning triangle, are attached to the front rear wall. High-visibility waistcoats are provided in the vehicle.

In this large storage space, the 20 cm high through-loading space is stocked differently depending on the destination and duration of the journey. If the journey is to the north, the wine stock is filled up to 30 bottles, depending on the duration of the journey. If the journey leads to the south, e.g. Italy, the wine stock is small and the free space is used for privacy screens or the dog fence.

Other food supplies are stored in the front area of the external hatch. All supplies that might interest small rodents are stored in an aluminium container, tinned food etc. in a plastic box.

Next to it, there is still room for the tool tower with Iveco compressor, air pressure tester, cordless impact wrench, drill, etc. (for the installation of privacy screens or dog fences).

In addition to the compressor for the lifting supports, all the parts for changing tyres (jack, various keys, spacers, wheel bolts as well as wheel chocks) are stored in a wooden box.

Since the entire storage space is warm even at sub-zero temperatures thanks to the Alde heating system, food and drinks can be stored without any problems even in winter. The possibility of loading the storage space from both sides of the vehicle makes it very easy to use - especially for bulky or longer items.

The external hatch on the right-hand side of the vehicle can be used to stow mineral water and dog food, for example. There is also enough space for shopping on site.

Storage space Living area floor hatch

In the living area floor hatch in the entrance area, mineral water, beer, cola and other drinks are stored in three boxes that fit perfectly into the storage space. Loading this storage space is conveniently done from the outside when the body door is open.

General information about the chic s-plus

In the chic s-plus, the usable height of the double floor is up to 78 cm high (Iveco Daily 6.7 t). The through-loading space is also heated and ensures pleasant temperatures, especially in winter. The integrated lighting brings light into the darkness, especially if you are looking for certain things late at night. The double floor can be loaded easily from the outside. From the inside, luggage can be conveniently removed via the bilge hatch next to the body door, via the side bench seat or L-shaped seating area. The huge garage has two large hatches on the sides. The garage floor is covered with GRP on the top and bottom. The anti-slip covering and the lashing system via aluminium support bars ensure safe stowage. The entire garage is frost-proof insulated and heated. A highlight is certainly the outdoor shower on the drivers side with hot and cold water. Especially after a visit to the beach, the sand residues can be washed off the body before going inside. The outside shower is just as practical if you are travelling with a dog.

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