chic e-line: Shower in the motorhome: yes or no? With the chic e-line 51QB it is definitely YES!

"What are you used to? Showering in the motorhome or would you rather shower at the campsite or rest area?

I don't know about you, but we live in a motorhome all of our live, so it also means showering in the motorhome!

In our HERR GRAU (Mister Grey), the space you create thanks to the sliding door and the fully opening bathroom door is very large and comfortable, so you can change and get into the shower in comfort.

Besides, I was always afraid of running out of hot water in the showers at campsites, which in Italy are often equipped with coin-operated machines.

Advantageously, the space between the washroom, changing room and shower in the chic e-line has three skylights, making it very airy and bright.

The shower also has a built-in rain shower, so you can also enjoy a long and extensive shower.

Also always have the water tank in mind. Don't take a shower if you know that the tank could soon be empty. With our chic e-line I don't have to worry about this quite so much, because with 235 litres the tank is quite large.

In the shower cubicle, which is closed with rigid doors, there are shelves for everything you need and, importantly, you can move around easily. You have a lot of space!

What I find very practical is the double drain in the shower tray with the possibility to open the drain and clean it of hair and soap residues, so the drain is always ready for use.

One piece of advice: regularly fill the grey water tanks with special care products. In fact, it is important to keep both the grey and fresh water tanks clean at all times. We do this regularly.

Cleaning tip

Soaps, shampoos and even washing up cause slime and a greasy patina to build up in the drain pipes and in the tank itself, which not only smell bad but also cause the tank sensors that report the fill level to stop working. Cleaning, which we do every three to four water loads, is quick and easy:

Take a 1.5 litre bottle of water, dissolve a sachet of "Smell stop" from "Aquatravel" in it and pour the contents of the bottle down the drains of the shower, kitchen and bathroom, then leave it to work in the grey water tank for two to three hours or until the next flush. It is very important that the product does not damage seals and plastics.

In the clear water tank, on the other hand, we add disinfectant additives every time we load it, so that we always have disinfected water and do not encounter various problems. .

If, like us, you also install a filter in the supply line to prevent various sediments from entering, all the better.

The best moment in our chic e-line? When, after a day at the beach or sightseeing, with the scent of a bubble bath in the air, we get into our bathrobes, fresh and perfumed, and sit down under the awning to relax and enjoy the sunset, perhaps with a good aperitif.

With HERR GRAU by our side, we are at home everywhere and enjoy our life in the motorhome.

Stefania, Giuseppe and HERR GRAU