"From a village smithy to a global corporation" - in 1931, Alois Kober founded a small locksmith's shop in the Bavarian-Swabian town of Großkötz in Günzburg, laying the first foundations of the AL-KO GROUP. With the development of the overrun brake, AL-KO became known worldwide for the first time. This moving discovery led to the rapid growth of the once small family business. From 1985 onwards, they achieved a breakthrough in the caravan business with the first Fiat Ducato Chassis. The then newly invented overrun brake made it possible for the first time to drive backwards without any problems. Years of further developments and improvements now offer us the greatest possible Driving safety, the best comfort and driving pleasure.

Today, both the AL-KO GROUP with its Gardentech, Airtech and Automotive divisions and the AL-KO Vehicle Technology Group are independent, globally active technology groups. Until the end of 2015, they still formed a joint group of companies. After that, AL-KO Vehicle Technology merged with the US company Dexter Axle. However, the common roots, the AL-KO brand and the quality awareness true to the motto "QUALITY FOR LIFE" have remained.

The group employs around 3,300 people at more than 40 locations worldwide. The automotive sites are mostly in Bulgaria, China and Germany, while Gardentech has expanded more into Austria, Hungary and Sweden. However, the headquarters have been in Kötz since 1931. The company includes the 17 international brands AL-KO, Aguti, Bankside Patterson, Bradley, Brink, CBE, cmtrailer parts, De Haan, E&P Hydraulics, Fluid-Press, G&S Chassis, Hume, Nordelettronica, Preston Chassis, SAFIM, SAWIKO and Winterhoff.

Since January 2019, Dr. Christian Stehle has taken over the place in the Executive Board. Together with Peter Kaltenstadler and Dr Johannes Fues, he is taking on the new professional challenge. From then on, the two of them are responsible for managing the Gardentech division. Four years later, the management team is expanded once again. Tina Bentele is appointed commercial managing director (CFO) and Daniel Trumpp has been technical managing director (CTO) since 2022.

Due to the high quality and safety, Carthago has been a loyal customer of the AL-KO GROUP for many years. Carthago trusts in the innovative technologies and high safety standards such as the AL-KO low-frame Chassis with torsion bar suspension and independent wheel suspension for more comfort, safety and maximum driving stability, as well as the high-strength and hot-dip galvanised AL-KO lightweight construction technology for more Storage space and more payload.

Due to the sophisticated, high-strength and hot-dip galvanised lightweight construction technology of the Chassis, it is possible to achieve a maximum payload. In addition, a torsion bar suspension and an independent wheel suspension are installed in the AL-KO low-frame Chassis for more comfort and safety. At Carthago, AL-KO low-frame chassis are used in all Fiat Ducato and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models. Depending on the motorhome and requirements, you can choose between several variants for our models: For vehicles with a permissible total weight of 3,500 kg, we use the AL-KO Carthago special low frame. From the chic c-line onwards, the AL-KO low frame chassis is used as a single or double axle (*depending on the model).

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