Ansicht eines Wohnmobils vor einem Gewässer mit blauem Himmel und ein paar Wolken

Badges and vignettes in the various countries:

As each country handles its own toll and sticker regulations, we have summarised the regulations for various holiday destinations for you.

Checklist: ready for spring

Many are already longing for spring with warmth and sunshine. With the current weather forecasts, many motorhome owners can rejoice because spring is approaching.

Das Bild zeigt zwei Mitarbeiter, welche gerade ein Rad eines Wohnmobils wechseln

Vehicle handling – tips and tricks for starting

As a little reminder or to refresh your memory, we have listed a few tricks for you here to ensure that no operating errors spoil your enjoyment of mobile travelling.

Check list: vehicle maintenance

Many people want to look after their mobile home just like their house. Here are some important tips and care instructions.

Pure indulgence: 3-course menu in the Carthago

In order to spend your travels in the Carthago also at the highest culinary level as well, our customer "Herr Geheimrat" has put together a delicious 3-course menu for you, which you can recreate in your Carthago, but also in your kitchen at home.

More self-sufficiency thanks to Truma DuoControl CS

The Truma DuoControl CS is a safety gas pressure regulator with crash sensor, automatic switchover and Eis-Ex function for two gas bottles.

Winter tips: Heat and ventilate properly

Proper ventilation and heating is not only indispensable at home, it should also be done in the motorhome. Especially when winter camping, proper heating and ventilation is important so that moisture does not remain in the motorhome.

How to winterise your motorhome - the Carthago checklist

Egal, ob Sie zum Wintercampen starten oder Ihr Reisemobil über die Wintermonate einmotten. Es gibt Dinge zu beachten. Wir haben dafür die passenden Tipp & Tricks.

Pure indulgence: 3-course Christmas menu at Carthago

A delicious Christmas menu for you, which you can recreate in your Carthago, but also in your kitchen at home.