More self-sufficiency thanks to Truma DuoControl CS

The Truma DuoControl CS is a safety gas pressure regulator with crash sensor, automatic switchover and Eis-Ex function for two gas bottles. Two gas cylinders can be connected to the DuoControl CS gas pressure regulator. If the operating bottle is empty, the system automatically switches to the reserve bottle. Thanks to the integrated crash sensor, the DuoControl CS is ideally suited for the safe operation of gas-powered appliances while driving.


The advantages at a glance

  • Automatic switching from empty to full gas bottle
  • Easy detection and resetting of triggered crash sensor
  • For safe mobile and stationary operation
  • Low weight
  • Quick installation possible


Recommendation from the manufacturer

Truma gas pressure regulators meet the highest standards - but they can still be damaged by aerosols from contaminated gas bottles. Truma therefore recommends that you always use the Truma gas filter.


How the crash sensor ensures safety

In the event of an accident, for example, the crash sensor reacts at a low impact speed of 15 to 20 km/h. The gas supply is then immediately interrupted before damage can occur to pipes and appliances. This means: relaxed arrival, a pleasant feeling and safety for all. It thus fulfils all legal requirements and allows you to operate the gas system while driving.


Crash sensor triggers automatically - how do I reset the crash sensor?

DuoControl CS (black, models from MY 21)

If the crash sensor has been triggered, you can reset it yourself. To make the pressure regulator system quickly ready for use again, all you have to do is press the yellow reset button on the DuoControl CS.

DuoControl CS (silver-coloured, models up to MY 20)

You reset the crash sensor by pressing the green reset button on the DuoControl CS firmly for about five seconds - and the pressure regulator system is ready for use again.


DuoControl CS function (black, models from MY 21)

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DuoControl CS function (silver-coloured, models up to MY 20)

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