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To feel at home wherever you go, it's important to take a little something or two with you. In the kitchen, this could be strawberry jam for breakfast or cold cuts from the local butcher's shop. To ensure that nothing goes bad here, a high-quality refrigerator in the motorhome is of great importance. You will therefore find a refrigerator from the Swedish brand Dometic in all Carthago motorhomes.

We would like to introduce you to our long-standing partner in this report.

Over 100 years ago, the two Swedish engineering students Baltzar von Platen and Carl Munters succeeded in designing a refrigerator without a compressor, without moving parts and without ice. Their idea of using heat to circulate a coolant and thus achieve a cooling effect proved to be one of the most important inventions of the last century. The Electrolux company secured the manufacturing rights for the patented refrigerator and in 1956 production of absorption refrigerators for motorhomes began.

The company Dometic was founded by Electrolux in 1968 and from then on specialised in the leisure equipment sector. Gradually, more and more products for mobile use were added to the company's portfolio, be it air conditioning systems or awnings. In 1997, Electrolux decided to shift its core business to the retail sector, which is why Dometic was sold to EQT, a private equity company, which is still the owner of the company today. In the years that followed, Dometic became synonymous with the outdoor lifestyle. More and more companies were acquired and the product range was constantly expanded. Dometic now offers a wide range of products for the patio and garden at home as well as products for adventures in the wilderness.

However, the company's core competence has always been the construction of refrigerators for mobile use. The low-noise absorption refrigerator is ideal for gas-powered cooling, while the company's compressor refrigerators offer extremely powerful cooling regardless of the ambient temperature. The current Dometic 10 series has also redefined the standards for mobile refrigerators in every respect: the double-sided door hinge allows access from both sides, intuitive controls and the best cooling performance in this class set a benchmark.

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