Our suppliers

Aguti seats are multi-talented with regard to comfort, safety and ergonomics. They are specially tailored to the requirements of motorhomes, and fulfil all travelling and living requirements. The seats are guaranteed to provide healthy seating that supports your body, thanks to the anatomically adapted contact surfaces for the legs and back.


Carthago puts its trust in innovative AL-KO technology such as the AMC chassis with torsion bar suspension and individual wheel suspension for more comfort and safety, and also the high-strength and hot-dip galvanised AL-KO lightweight construction technology for more storage space and more payload. But also the innovative and modern hydraulic supports and pneumatic suspension systems with intuitive operation.


All of the televisions in your Carthago motorhome are manufactured by alphatronics in Nuremberg. This ensures that you get consistently high quality, so that all of your expectations of a reliable motorhome television are fulfilled. The “Made in Germany” quality claim is not only manifested during the manufacture of the devices, but starts during development. The company is always at the cutting edge due to having its own development department, and has been impressing its customers for years with innovations for mobile use.


DOMETIC 10 series – keep it fresh, keep it cool. The new 10 series by Dometic has completely redefined the standards for mobile refrigerators: double sided door stop for access from both sides, aluminium handles over the entire height of the fridge, intuitive control with TFT display and the best cooling power in this class!


Super B supplies the lithium batteries for Carthago. These high-end lithium batteries provide tremendous energy reserves and are much lighter, easy to install and have a considerably longer shelf life than other batteries. The Epsilon battery was specially developed for use in motorhomes. Due to the company’s own intelligent battery management (BMS) and Bluetooth functionality, you are always kept informed about the current status of the battery and the amount of energy that is available. You will enjoy a high degree of self-sufficiency and optimum comfort on your trip with Carthago and Super B.


The Teleco Group is one of Europe’s leading companies in the camping accessories area. Teleco stands for quality products in the areas of satellite systems, televisions, air conditioning systems and generators. Particularly in satellite systems and televisions, the products excel because of their high quality, precision and innovative technology. More than 40 years of experience and a pan-European service network make Teleco a reliable partner. This is why Carthago puts its trust in its satellite systems.


Travelling with your leisure vehicle means freedom: you can start whenever you want, and go wherever you want. You can stop in the most beautiful locations and enjoy living outdoors. A Thule awning is the perfect way to have a protected area next to your vehicle. Check out our smart blockers, tents, bike racks and much more!

Outstanding stability

Thule awnings feature sturdy folding arms combined with innovative fabric roller support. This not only results in perfectly tensioned awning fabric, but also increases wind resistance and thus offers more safety. Depending on the awning type, lengths from 4 m are available with a tensioning system integrated as standard so that the fabric can be tightened even more. Without exception, the awnings are tested under various weather conditions to ensure optimum stability.

High quality materials & fabrics

All Thule awnings are made from robust aluminium profiles that guarantee lasting safety and reliability. The awnings for motorhomes are also tested under the toughest conditions to ensure that current safety standards are more than met. In addition, all Thule awning fabrics have one thing in common: the 5-layer PVC fabric is of the highest quality, printed on both sides and coated to ensure that the fabric remains colourfast, waterproof, washable and robust over time. It also ensures that you don't get too warm and that you are protected, as the coating ensures greater UV and heat protection.


Camping enthusiasts like to go on holiday all year round – and they have the comfort which they are accustomed to thanks to the Truma heating systems. The Combi heating systems combine two functions in one device. They heat the living area and also the water. The Combi heaters can be powered by gas, electricity, diesel or a combination of fuels, depending on the model. Discover the next generation of our Truma Combi D!