• Low weight, front wheel drive
  • AL-KO low-frame chassis with wide track
  • Powerful engines with 2.2 l displacement up to 180 hp (132 kW) output and 450 Nm torque
  • Low emissions, Euro 6d Final emissions standard
  • Optional 9-speed ZF converter automatic transmission
  • Electric power steering
  • Permissible gross vehicle weight up to 4.8/5.5 tonnes as single or double axle
  • Numerous safety and assistance systems: Airbag, ESP, ABS, ASR, electronic immobiliser, Hillholder, Traction Plus, Hill Descent Control, stability control for trailers, collision braking system (standard).
  • Modern infotainment system (including digital instrument cluster with colour display, 10.1'' multimedia system incl. navigation)
  • Available for the c-compactline Super-Lightweight, c-tourer Lightweight, c-tourer Comfort, chic c-line 2022, chic e-line, liner-for-two model series


On long journeys, with poor visibility and heavy traffic, concentration can quickly become strained. In this case, our driving assistance systems on the semi-integrated models on Fiat Ducato support you as the driver.

Adaptive cruise control

Activated by handy and intuitive commands on steering wheel, Adaptive Cruise Control set and automatically adjusts the vehicle speed to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead. Works with forward looking camera on windscreen and proximity radar located on front bumper, providing functionality between 30 km/h and vehicle top speed, ensuring best reliability even with bad weather conditions.

Attention Assist

It monitors driving patterns and detects fatigued driving. If the system detects inattentive driving patterns, an audible sound and message on the display panel will bring this to the driver’s attention.

Active Brake Assist with pedestrian and cyclist detection

After long journeys, concentration often wanes. Active Emergency Brake Assist is an attentive passenger, because it intervenes when things could get tight and helps to avoid rear-end collisions and pedestrian accidents. The system either supports emergency braking or initiates it independently to prevent collisions. Using the camera in the centre area of the windscreen, the system detects different signals and provides these to the driver via an acoustic and visual signal in the corresponding display on the instrument panel. The system differentiates between two braking actions:

Limited braking:

If you are close to a possible head-on collision, the system warns you by applying the brakes slightly. You can therefore react in good time in the motorhome to prevent or mitigate a potential accident.

Automatic braking:

If you are at the mercy of an imminent collision hazard, the system will provide automatic braking if it determines no intervention by you. This prevents a head-on collision. Even if you react later or if the system registers that your braking is not sufficient, it intervenes and optimises the reaction of the braking system.

The function of the already familiar Emergency Brake Assist has been extended with the aid of a new generation of forward-facing cameras at the top of the windscreen. In addition to vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists are now also detected.

Lane Departure Warning System

A little carelessness while driving...and you are already too far in the oncoming lane with your motorhome. At high speed or in bad weather, it can be dangerous. Thanks to Lane Departure Warning, you can rest easy knowing that this system uses a video sensor on the windscreen to monitor the lane boundaries and the position of the vehicle. If the system is switched on and the driver has not used the indicator, it corrects steering movements to prevent the vehicle from crossing lane markings or the edge of the road.

High beam assistant

For many drivers, switching the high beam on and off is an annoying activity. People often forget to switch off the activated high beam again while driving, thereby dazzling oncoming traffic. To avoid endangering oncoming road users, the high beam switches off automatically when an oncoming vehicle is detected.

Traffic Sign Recognition

Who does not know it? You're driving along an unknown route and you've already missed the traffic sign with the speed limit. In the case of a speed check, this could be expensive, with the traffic sign recognition you can avoid this. The system automatically detects traffic signs, such as speed limits, no overtaking signs and corresponding cancellation signs. The sensor constantly checks the road signs and reports speed limits and any overtaking bans.

Rain and light sensor

Similar to the switching on and off of the high beam, many drivers also find the switching on and off of the windscreen wipers annoying. Thanks to the rain sensor, your Carthago now does this for you automatically. The rain sensor allows you to automatically adjust the frequency of the windscreen wipers to the intensity of the rain. The twilight or light sensor determines the brightness outside the vehicle. If it gets darker outside, the dipped headlights are switched on automatically.

Tyre pressure sensors

Correctly inflated tyres last longer and, above all, serve your driving safety. The Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) notifies you when the tyre pressure in a tyre drops compared to the specified cold inflation pressure. This system provides you with easy control, safety on the road, and longer tyre life.

Intelligent speed assist

Vehicle detects speed warning signs on the road thanks to traffic sign recognition and gives information to the system, offering the driver to set the vehicle speed limiter accordingly. It helps to avoid speed violations at any time.


The dashboard of the Fiat Ducato Series 9 leaves nothing to be desired: stylish, modern and technically up to date. With new steering wheel, instrument cluster, multimedia system, design gear lever, automatic climate control and double USB socket.

The optional 7'' digital instrument cluster with colour display in the dashboard. Modern high-tech design with all standard displays plus:

  • 3D navigation map and navigation information display.
  • Driver assistance systems in conjunction with ADAS

A visual highlight is provided by the new steering wheel and gear knob in leather including multifunction buttons.

The new multimedia system with 10" colour display, including navigation and DAB+ are available as a package.