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Around Carthago - welcome to the motorhome region of Upper Swabia!

Upper Swabia in the south of Germany offers an incredible wealth of different leisure activities.  Whether nature or spa landscape, baroque and monastery landscape, family holiday land or active region - there is something for every holiday preference. And the most valuable thing Upper Swabia has to offer: An experience that makes the soul smile!

As a motorhome guest, you will find a wide range of offers for your holiday in Upper Swabia. And work is constantly being done to meet the wishes and needs of motorhomers even better. In many towns and communities, at excursion destinations and inns, there are pitches for your motorhome. These are idyllically located by a lake, near a soothing thermal spa, close to the centre of town with sightseeing and shopping opportunities or in the middle of nature with a view of the countryside.

Excursion destinations in Aulendorf

Open the gate! Aulendorf Castle opens a treasure chest full of castle stories!

Aulendorf will have one more attraction in summer 2018, as a newly developed media trail will be launched in and around Aulendorf Castle. The old castle with its two striking stepped gables shines proudly far into the Schussental valley. For centuries, the lords of Königsegg built their small but fine residence, which eventually grew into a noble castle! This outstanding cultural monument in the heart of Upper Swabia now presents itself to visitors in a new digital guise.
Many secrets lie dormant within the 800-year-old walls. The influence of the imperial counts of Königsegg-Aulendorf, which lasted over half a millennium, can still be felt today - but what do Empress Sissi or pineapple cultivation have to do with Aulendorf?
Visitors can experience the castle and its diverse history(s) in an original and lively way. Be there when the castle gates open to exciting stories of brash swordsmen, dashing speedsters and fresh fruit!
Aulendorf Castle is not only launching a new media tour, but also a new range of guided tours, from the classic castle tour to themed tours and brewery tours. Or would you just like to have a cup of coffee with friends in the Marble Hall like in the Count's time?
Guided tours of the cultural monument Aulendorf Castle always take place on Sundays at 10.30 am. The meeting point is at the castle portal (in front of the castle), Hauptstr. 35, 88326 Aulendorf. The entrance fee for the guided tour is € 4.00 per person. Group tours are available on request.

Contact:     Hauptstr. 35 - 88326 Aulendorf - Tel. +49 (0)7525 934 203 -

Catholic Parish Church of St. Martin/Aulendorf

More than 1000 years ago, a Romanesque church dedicated to St. Martin stood on this site. Since then, almost every generation has contributed to extending or decorating this place of worship. In this way, precious works from various epochs, from the late Gothic period to the present day, have been preserved in colourful succession.
Over the centuries, the nobility of the Counts of Königsegg ensured that the church was richly decorated, some of it with valuable furnishings. - The church and the castle were built directly together; spiritual and secular power merged into one here.
After the castle complex had been renovated in 10 years of work and filled with new life in 1997, the church was also renovated in 1999. The carefully restored ceilings with their early rococo mortar stucco are striking.

Contact:     Hauptstr. - 88326 Aulendorf -

Town History(s) in the Aulendorf Civic Museum

Since 2007, Aulendorf has had one more attraction: the Citizens' Museum in the Old Cinema opened its doors and presents an entertaining tour of the town's history. The successfully converted building alone is worth a visit: Aulendorf's first cinema was once located here. Over a period of 10 years, the history association TRADITIO e.V. took a lot of initiative to renovate the building and set up the citizens' museum for citizens and guests. And the result is something to be proud of! Charming installations and media stations lead visitors on a varied walk through the most recent two centuries of the town's history.

Contact:     Schulgässle 8 - 88326 Aulendorf -

Schwabentherme Aulendorf

Immerse and revive... is the motto for water rats young and old at the Schwaben-Therme in the beautiful Upper Swabian town of Aulendorf. Pure bathing and sauna fun can be experienced every day, whatever the weather. In the warm thermal water (containing sulphur and fluoride) you can relax and let yourself go. A treat for body and soul in a very pleasant atmosphere. The indoor and outdoor pools are generously proportioned. On warm summer days, the domed roof is opened and you experience an extraordinary "outdoor pool". The Schwabentherme also offers various wellness treatments.

Contact:     Ebisweilerstr. 5 - 88326 Aulendorf - Tel. +49(0)7525 9350 -

Vogel Herrenmühle/Mill Shop Aulendorf

At the foot of Aulendorf Castle, the Vogel family operates the last grinding small mill in the Ravensburg district in a long family tradition. The Herrenmühle has been in continuous operation for over four centuries. It survived the Thirty Years' War (1618-1648), Empress Maria-Theresia's war against Frederick II of Prussia (1740) and outlasted the wars of 1870/71, 1914-1918 and 1939-1945. The Herrenmühle also defied the "mill death" triggered by the restructuring of agriculture and the concentration on ever larger farms. In 1945, there were still 128 mills in the Ravensburg district, but in 1994 only five of them still existed. Today, the Herrenmühle is the last grinding small mill in the Ravensburg district.
In the mill shop, the Vogel family sells various types of flour, baked goods and much more. Aulendorfer Reibolf beer from the small castle brewery is also sold there.

Contact:     Bachstraße 2 - 88326 Aulendorf - Tel. +49 (0)7525 2644 -

Steegersee Outdoor Pool Aulendorf

The Steegersee moor bath has been a popular meeting place for the people of Aulendorf and many guests from the surrounding area on warm summer days for generations. The lake with its soft moor water, spacious sunbathing lawns and sandy beach is idyllically situated on the outskirts of the town near the Schussen river. A comfortable walk on soft forest soil leads all around the lake; also very popular for jogging. Kneipp devotees will also find a water treading area and inviting resting places. At the bottom of the lake, archaeologists have found the remains of a Neolithic pile-dwelling settlement that existed around 3750 BC.


SCHUSSENRIEDER Beer Mug Museum (distance from Aulendorf: approx. 7.2 km)

Embark on an exciting journey through five centuries of German drinking culture. Since 1994, around 1200 historical beer mugs from the years 1550 to 1925, mostly from the private collection of brewery senior boss Jürgen Josef Ott, can be admired on 2 floors. Learn amusing stories and anecdotes about beer and beer steins on the guided tour through Germany's 1st beer stein museum.

Stop for a bite to eat: Directly after the guided tours, you can taste the barrel-fresh SCHUSSENRIEDER beer specialities in the cosy museum tavern or in the shady beer garden. The Upper Swabian delicacies with home-baked bread are also highly recommended!

Contact:     Wilhelm-Schussen-Str. 12 - 88427 Bad Schussenried - Tel. +49(0)7583 40411 -

Library room in Bad Schussenried Monastery

The highlight of the new monastery complex planned by Dominikus Zimmermann in the mid-18th century and never completed is the light-flooded library hall in the convent building. The unique interaction of painting, sculpture and stucco fascinates visitors. The ceiling fresco by Franz Goerg Hermann glorifies divine activity in science, art and technology and makes the monastery library recognisable as the "seat of wisdom".

Contact:     Neues Kloster 1 - 88427 Bad Schussenried

Museum Village Kürnbach

More than 30 historic residential and farm buildings from the Upper Swabian countryside await you in the museum village. Take your time and go on a journey through time, starting with the proud thatched-roof houses from the Baroque period and ending with our munitions hall from the 1960s. Discover the simple and varied life of earlier times.

Contact:     Griesweg 32 - 88427 Bad Schussenried - Kürnbach

Federsee Nature Paradise Bad Buchau

Federsee - a natural paradise for people, animals and plants. The variety of plants and more than 260 bird species that visitors to the Federsee can discover on their walks are probably unique. The glacial Federsee marsh offers a rare combination of lake, reed forests, litter meadows, species-rich wet meadows and natural moorland forests. Footbridges over and paths around the lake offer excellent opportunities to observe the natural beauty or simply enjoy the peace and quiet. Guided nature tours are offered by the NABU Federsee Nature Conservation Centre.

Contact:     Federseeweg 6 - 88422 Bad Buchau - Tel. +49 (0)7582 1566

Ravensburg - The City of Towers

The former Free Imperial City of Ravensburg, situated in the middle of the holiday landscape of Allgäu and Lake Constance, is the economic centre of the region with 50,000 inhabitants. Formerly a trading centre, today it is the shopping city of Upper Swabia. The centrally located Marienplatz is the ideal starting point for exploring the "city of towers and gates". There and in the adjoining streets and alleys, life is bustling: In Bachstraße, where the town stream flows openly, or in the lovingly renovated Marktstraße. Ravensburg can be reached by train from Aulendorf station in about 15 minutes.