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The range of motorhomes is as large as it is versatile. Therefore, it is advisable to define your own requirements for a motorhome as precisely as possible. In this way, the number of motorhomes can be narrowed down and the motorhome you are looking for can be specified more precisely. A small overview of the different types of motorhomes - from camping buses to luxury motorhomes - can be found below. Found the right model? What is still missing is the right motorhome dealer. But how can you find the nearest motorhome dealer in Germany? This is exactly what you can do with our dealer search via our dealer map. With it you get a quick overview of our Carthago dealer partners with whom we have been working together for years.

With just a few clicks you will find a motorhome dealer close to you - both in Germany and in neighbouring countries. Our trade partners give you the opportunity to take a closer look at various motorhome models on site. Our Carthago dealers are happy to advise you and often offer you the possibility of a test drive or renting a motorhome.

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Which motorhome is right for me?

Away from home, having all the things you cherish and love at your fingertips as usual: That is the epitome of luxury. A high-quality motorhome can offer you this luxury. How to buy the right motorhome and how to find our Carthago motorhome dealers - this you will find out in our guide to buying a motorhome.


Your requirements and wishes form the criteria catalogue

Before you buy your motorhome, you should think about how you want to use it. This clarification is best achieved by listing your own wishes and travel preferences. Central questions are: How many people do you want to fit in your motorhome? Where do you want to park the motorhome and for how long? And finally: how much comfort are you looking for?

Selection criteria

a) Size, comfort, equipment:

The question of thenumber of people is essential in choosing the type and size of motorhome. The desiredcomfort and the desiredspacealso influence this decision. As a rough rule of thumb, semi-integrated or fully integrated models are suitable for four or more people. Apart from the budget, the driving licence also has an influence on the choice of size. If you obtained your car driving licence before 1999, you are allowed to drive motorhomes up to 7.5 tonnes and caravans up to 18.5 tonnes; from the age of 50 there is a restriction up to 12 tonnes. Car driving licences issued after 1999 (class B) are limited to a total mass of 3.5 tonnes. As this also includes the trailer, this can limit the possible load. It is best to find out exactly which motorhome is suitable for you.

For maximum storage space in your motorhome, we at Carthago have come up with a few ideas.

b) Location, length of stay, travel season:

Of great importance for the choice is furthermore the question of the location, the standing time or the travel season. If you park your motorhome on campsites, you will have a complete infrastructure at your disposal. The sanitary equipment and energy supply of your vehicle do not have to meet any special requirements. On the cheaper motorhome sites, the infrastructure is only partially fully developed; when wild camping outdoors, it is completely lacking. Here, a motorhome with full sanitary facilities and a self-sufficient energy and water supply makes sense. Special requirements arise when travelling in winter. They require good thermal insulation, a heated double floor and heated water and waste water tanks.

c) Motorisation and consumption:

Another criterion that you should not disregard is the engine or fuel consumption. If you come from a city or are planning city trips, the motorhome should meet the current and future environmental standards. This ensures that you are also allowed to drive in environmental zones.

Motorhome types

After the previous points are clarified, the search for the right motorhome can begin. The classic caravan is generally listed separately. The terms motorhomeand motor home are used synonymously today. The motorhomes are divided into two groups:

  • Panel vans, camper vans and campers.
  • Alcove motorhomes and partially or fully integrated motorhomes

A brief overview of the different types of motorhomes:

Box vans, camping buses and campers Camping buses are based on conventional box vans and are completely redesigned inside. This has the advantage that they can be driven like minibuses and consume little fuel. However, space and living comfort suffer (mostly 2 to 4 persons). Campers use pickups or flatbed trucks as their undercarriage. The living unit is mounted on the loading area and can be easily removed. The strength of the camper is thus the versatility - the comfort is accordingly and the space is limited to 3 to 5 persons.

Motorhome types at a glance: semi-integrated and fully integrated motorhomes

All three motorhome types are based on the same vehicle type: the transporter. The difference results from the different living bodies. The alcove type takes its name from the sleeping alcove above the driver's cabin, which serves to make effective use of space. This type of motorhome is characterised by a generous amount of space. With its low height, the sleeping cave is ideal for children, who can sleep there in peace. However, the high structure increases air resistance, which is reflected in consumption. Thanks to the enclosed, thermally insulated living space, alcoves are well suited for winter use, offer space for 3 to 7 people and a lot of comfort.

Semi-integrated motorhomes

Semi-integrated motorhomes are closely related to the alcove motorhomes. The driver's cabin of the base vehicle remains and is visually set apart from the living cabin. In contrast to the alcove, the sleeping area is not above the driver's cab, but in the living cabin. If more sleeping space is required, a semi-integrated can usually be equipped with an additional lift bed. This results in a lower overall height and lower fuel consumption. Since the driver's cabin is usually used together with the living cabin, semi-integrated motorhomes are only suitable for winter to a limited extent. On the other hand, they offer a lot of space, comfort and a lot of equipment and are cheaper than fully integrated motorhomes.

Our semi-integrated motorhomes:

c-tourer T Lightweight/Comfort

The all-rounder - lightweight models with short vehicle lengths within the 3.5 t weight class and comfort-oriented models with up to 4.5 t total weight.

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chic c-line T

The fascination of the Carthago premium class: elegance, comfort and extravagance.

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Fully integrated motorhomes

The integrated ones are often called the royal class of motorhomes. The complete body including the front is built by the motorhome manufacturer and can therefore also be insulated to a high standard. Thanks to the complete integration of the driver's cab area with the living area, they offer the best space and the highest comfort and living value.

Our fully integrated motorhomes: the lightweights

c-compactline Super-Lightweight

The lightest motorhome in the integrated 3.5 t premium class, suitable for urban use thanks to 15 cm narrower exterior width and compact vehicle lengths.

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c-tourer Lightweight/Comfort

The all-rounder - lightweight models with short vehicle lengths within the 3.5 t weight class and comfort-oriented models with up to 4.5 t total weight.

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chic c-line / chic c-line superior / chic c-line XL

The fascination of the Carthago liner class: elegance, comfort and extravagance.

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chic e-line / chic e-line XL

The crowning glory of the Carthago Liner class: more comfort, more self-sufficiency, more independence.

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chic s-plus / chic s-plus XL

The crowning glory of the Carthago Liner class with powerful rear-wheel drive.

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Lounge round seating group in the rear with electrically extendable TV couch, unique 4-room concept

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We at Carthago offer only partially and fully integrated motorhomes which guarantee maximum living comfort. Itis not for nothing that our motorhomes belong to the premium class and have already received many awards.

If you are looking for a luxury motorhome, you have come to the right place. To get an overview of our models, you can now convenientlyorder the current catalogue and browse through our range in the comfort of your own home.

Are you still not sure which motorhome is really right for you? Then please take a look at ourfully integrated motorhomes orsemi-integrated models. We have the right motorhome for every wish.