In best hands - Carthago Trade and Service Partner

With a Carthago you have made a decision for a premium motorhome. And you can trust in your Carthago. We do too. This is why, for example, we have a ten year guarantee against cabin leakages of the body. And wherever your destination is, your guardian angel from Carthago is always travelling with you. About 140 trade and service partners are looking after your Carthago in Europe. The network ranges from Tipperary in Ireland to the Russian metropolis Moscow, from Norkjosbotn to  the  north  of  the  polar  circle  in  Norway  down  to  Seville in hot southern Spain. In order to be able to take perfect  care  of  your  Carthago,  we  have  founded  the Carthago Academy. All salespersons and customer service employees are trained to certified Carthago Partners  throughout  Europe  in  a  multi-level  programme. And for all cases, Carthago has also set up a service number.  In  internet  you  can  find  a  service  hotline number where you can reach a service employee until  10 pm that will be pleased to assist you in case of a problem, 365 days a year.