Meet David & Sharon, proud owners of a liner-for-two


We met in 2013 and one of the many things we share is a love for travel. We had never discussed buying a motorhome before Sharon moved to Inverness the following Easter but we started thinking about it after one of our friends told us he had one for sale. We went to view it and although it wasn’t an ideal layout for us it planted the seed of an idea. 

Having realised how owning a motorhome would tie in perfectly with our love of travel, especially as dog owners the search began! We went to visit quite a large Scottish dealer with a view to only look at what was available but somehow 90 minutes we were the owner of a three year old, low mileage motorhome!

That Christmas we spent on a campsite on the outskirts of Paris and on New Years day we visited Monaco. After that we were hooked! After a couple of happy years touring at every opportunity we visited the October 2015 Show at the NEC to look at accessories and plan future trips. Somehow we traded in our motorhome, this time for a new model! And so it was on the 1st August 2016 we collected it and during the time we owned it enjoyed many happy travels in the UK and abroad.

Although we were generally pleased with our purchase, with retrial on the horizon three years on we started to dream about purchasing a top of the range model so we could enjoy longer distance trips that would last for a couple of months at a time and offer a high degree of comfort, so it was back to the NEC in 2019. We inspected numerous models on display but once we arrived at the Carthago stand and saw the liner-for-two it was love at first sight! We had never previously seen that particular layout but with the large lounge area, drop down bed but to a low step and generous kitchen area we were hooked and knew immediately that was the model we wanted. The only negative at the time from Sharon was that the oven was high up above the fridge but thankfully that problem was addressed for the 2021 model.

Then of course came covid and like the rest of the country we couldn't travel but spent time researching the spec we wanted. We were uncertain whether or not to go for the long or short wheelbase and enjoyed a zoom call with Ray and Maria (who are liner-for-two owners as well) who were very helpful and were the first UK purchasers of this model. Due to the extra garage space and additional load capacity we selected the long wheelbase model.

By then we had been in contact with the Scottish Carthago dealer BC Motorhomes and we placed our order in September 2020 and collected our new vehicle on the 21st April 2021. BC Motorhomes were good to deal with then and since and allowed us to sleep in the motorhome in their premises the night before handover. That proved to be extremely useful as there is a lot to take in when the day comes.

Dining in and entertaining

The large lounge area complete with glass display units was a large part of the motivation to choose this model. Sharon is a fab cook and we have enjoyed many meals sat round the spacious table. Its also great for entertaining and on a number of occasions we have had six adults sat in comfort. One of the pictures show three of my grandchildren visiting who also love it, especially after discovering the sweet cupboard!

Motorhoming with dogs

Our Golden Cocker Spaniels Milo & Monty love the motorhome almost as we do! They don’t know where they are going of course but know good times lie ahead. Pictures show them inspecting the underfloor locker, out on their walk and wanting to drive!

Where we go

We averaged 12,000 miles a year during our first two years of ownership. We will write more about our travels in the future. We enjoy the journey as much as the destination and bought it to use, not to keep parked on our driveway. As well as travelling throughout Scotland we have enjoyed trips to the Lake District and on another occasion Cornwall & Devon. In the summer of 2022 we had our longest trip yet driving a 6000 mile round trip taking in 12 countries reaching Lapland in northern Finland.

In January 2023 we went the other direction and spent the month in Morocco. The previous winter we spent travelling in Southern Spain and Portugal.

Pictures show us crossing the Arctic Circle, In Southern Spain, Gairloch Scotland and parked up on the edge of the Sahara Dessert.

What we use it for

Why pay for a hotel room when you own a beautiful Carthago? We were invited to a friends wedding on the shore of a Scottish Loch and were able to park up close by and use it as our base. We also enjoy an outdoor BBQ.