Home cinema in the motorhome - No compromises for TV evenings on holiday

Especially on rainy days on holiday, people like to retreat to their cosy motorhome and make themselves comfortable inside. All the better, of course, if the motorhome offers entertainment. Using our liner-for-two as an example, we show you how you can make yourself comfortable on rainy days or evenings in the motorhome with our large flat screens. 

Our liner-for-two is known for its round lounge seating area in the rear with electrically extendable TV lounger (optional), on which you can really make yourself comfortable. At the push of a button, the reclining surface can be extended to various positions. This means you can enjoy a film evening with just the two of you lying down or invite several people in a sitting position to enjoy a TV evening together. The extra-large 40'' flat screen (optional) can be electrically extended and retracted so that the monitor disappears when the vehicle is in motion or not in use.

Would you rather watch a film or other programme separately or even work while your partner watches TV? Our office and TV room package (option) makes this possible. A height-adjustable wall profile rail with TV holder is fitted in the driver's cab so that you can vary the height of the 24'' flat screen. Thanks to the swivelling driver's seats, you can also watch TV comfortably in this room. If you prefer to work in peace and quiet, the cab area can be converted into an office. A pull-out table surface from the sideboard on the passenger side serves as a practical desk with USB and 230 V socket. A solid wooden sliding door separates the cab from the rest of the motorhome so you can work undisturbed.

This means that nothing stands in the way of spending evenings together in front of the TV or the possibility of working from home in a separate room in the motorhome.

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Our Top-Fans Ray and Maria often use the comfortable seating area and their TV as well.

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