Dear motorhome enthusiasts,

Carthago Aulendorf Geschäftsführer

a warm welcome to Carthago! Thank you very much  for your interest in Carthago and its motorhomes. We  are inviting you to a trip through the company and our  motorhomes.

Since its founding, Carthago has only placed its focus solely on the production of motorhomes. In this segment, we  have accumulated 35 years of know-how in the mean  time.  You  can  feel  this  knowledge  and  experience  in  all  of  our  motorhomes.  A  Carthago  is  a  special  motorhome. This starts with the design and leads to the high-quality  superstructure  to  the  comfortable  living area and sophistication in detail.

The unique and exclusive design of a Carthago will serve to convince you of its quality at the very first glance – but even after the second and third glance, a Carthago still manages to impress. Every Carthago comprises the Carthago value added formula.

These achievements are not simply statements on paper, they have been proven. Being the first one, Carthago has the only TÜV certificate for a timber-free chassis construction.  The  same  applies  for  motorhome  driving comfort. Together with a university, Carthago has developed and successfully tested an unbeatable lightning protection for the first time. As standard, Carthago equipped their vehicles with comprehensive safety packages, practically converts the combined bathroom into  a  spacious  changing  room  and  has  developed  a practical steering wheel which can be swivelled away for their Liner.

The dynamic of an owner-run company stands behind all of these and many more ideas, the competence and wealth of imagination of our employees, the passion of the entire team. Our ambitious goal: 'we want to produce the best motorhome in each of category: motorhomes that can do more than the others can, that give you that little extra happiness. After all, your Carthago is your home away from home.