We would like to give something back to you from the bottom of our hearts....

... for your loyalty and support.

We are currently living in turbulent times. Especially in these situations it is important to say "thank you". We would like to thank you, our customers, for your loyalty and support. We are proud and happy to have you as a customer. THANK YOU!

Thank you that your heart beats for Carthago!

My heart beats for Carthago...

... because it makes holiday dreams come true, innovations are tangible, the interior of the motorhomes promises comfort and cosiness... There are certainly many reasons for this!

Customer Service Employee Manuel Pfender tells us why his heart beats for Carthago

Team Leader International Marketing Tobias tells us why his heart beats for Carthago

Backoffice Employee Shirin Krumm tells us why her heart beats for Carthago

We show you why our employees' hearts beat for Carthago. And yours?

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