c-compactline Super-Lightweight

The lightest motorhome of the Carthago A-Class 3.5 t premium class

Suitable for remote areas thanks to the 15 cm narrower exterior width and the compact vehicle lengths.

Being lightweight doesn’t mean you have to miss out on anything. At least not with Carthago! The c-compactline Super-Lightweight sets the standard in the 3.5 t weight class, without making compromises with regard to quality and comfort.

Weight class

  • Light and manoeuvrable: external width of just 2.12 m and short vehicle length of less than 7 metres
  • Carthago lightweight construction technology 
  • Loadable up to 4.25 tonnes


  • Fiat Ducato 35 light/40 heavy with AL-KO low frame
  • Fiat Ducato safety package as standard: Airbag, ESP, ABS, ASR, electronic immobiliser, Hillholder, Traction Plus, Hill Descent Control, automatic start/stop, cruise control, side wind assistant, stability control for trailer, collision braking system
  • Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept
  • XL main cabin door “premium two 2.0” with widened passage size of 63 cm, secure double locking and extra-wide door window

Living comfort

  • “Smartline” furniture design – adapted to the narrow vehicle width for maximum living comfort and more freedom of movement
  • choice of two worlds of style
  • Stepless, continuous floor in living area
  • L-shaped lounge seating area with side seat bench, pull-out side seat* and rectangular living area table with chrome piping
  • Kitchen with six large pull-outs, raised kitchen counter for visual room partitioning and as additional storage area, “Profi Gourmet” cooker and stainless steel round sink
  • Different washroom solutions: maximum comfort in a small space, separable changing room*
  • Beds with extra-large sleeping dimensions

Storage space

  • Double floor with huge, heated storage compartment, usable height up to 55.5 cm
  • Exterior access via several large hatches, convenient access from the inside via the seat bench cover of the L-shaped lounge seating area and the lift-up side seat bench*
  • Large, central through-loading space (interior height 22 cm) with extra-low double floor storage compartment (usable height 46 cm) with large, living area floor hatch
  • Scooter garage: interior height up to 120 cm*, loadable up to 350 kg

Self-sufficiency / equipment

  • 150 l fresh water, 140 l waste water
  • 1 x 80 Ah gel battery (extendible to 2 x 80 Ah)

Air conditioning/heating

  • Truma Combi 6 warm air storage heating system
  • Double floor with underfloor heating effect

* depending on model

Reisemobil International, March 2022

"For me, the Carthago c-compactline is the optimum in comfort and space in an integrated under 3.5 tonnes - with sufficient payload, of course. The Carthago c-compactline I 141 LE offers the best of both worlds: Handy, compact and relaxed to drive is contrasted with high living comfort with plenty of space inside."

Reisemobil International, February 2022

"Temperatures around freezing point, snowflakes dancing outside the motorhome window. Not a good time to travel? For the Carthago c-compactline in the endurance test of Reisemobil International it is. The double floor is heated, which results in an underfloor heating effect that was immediately noticeable during the test. Another advantage is the well-insulated cabin. So it's pleasantly warm in the bedroom, even if you turn the heating down a bit overnight and it gets noticeably cooler at the seating group in front."

Reisemobil Intrnational 11/2021
Endurance test

"At around 6.70 metres long, just 2.12 metres wide and a comparatively short 3.52 metres wheelbase, this c-compactline is a prime example of a manoeuvrable and handy motorhome."

Reisemobil International 01/2021
c-compactline Super-Lightweight test drive

“These A-Class vehicles are just 2.12 metres wide and make a downright dainty impression in comparison to the competition, particularly when viewed from the rear. In spite of this, they have all of the features of a typical Carthago: Heated double floor, wood-free main cabin, high-quality furniture construction and the characteristic rounding [...] Particularly in the version without the drop-down bed, the Carthago provides spaciousness and living comfort that is more reminiscent of a holiday home than a motorhome.”

Reisemobil International 05/2021

"Together with the strikingly slim body (2.12 metres wide), this integrated vehicle scurries quite nimbly through narrow and winding passages. Nevertheless, there is still room inside for two comfortable longitudinal single beds and the well-known solid Carthago construction with double floor can also be found in the c-compactline."


"The motorhome Carthago c-compactline I 143 LE (2021) is a handy integrated. It scores not only with good equipment and a super feeling of space. The handling in everyday life is also first class thanks to the smaller body width."

Promobil 10/2020

"The c-compactline is the only slim integrated that transfers two important luxury-class insignia into the slim format with its aluminium body and genuine double floor based on the Fiat Ducato with Alko low-frame."

Sibylle Werner-Nagl

"The c-compactline is the perfect motorhome for me. Thanks to the 15 cm narrower exterior width, I can easily drive through the narrower alleys in cities like Bolzano in South Tyrol or on narrow mountain roads. Despite the compact vehicle length, I have an enormous amount of storage space for my equipment thanks to the huge double-floor cellar - and that in the 3.5-tonne class!"