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In particular, you can look forward to discovering the new Air-Pro suspension system for Carthago motorhomes based on Iveco - a completely new driving experience, more safety and driving pleasure combined with the special requirements of a motorhome!


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Our A-class motorhomes

Excellent visibility, an extraordinary feeling of spaciousness, a plentiful amount of room and masses of storage space – there are countless reasons why your holiday in a Carthago A-class premium motorhome leaves nothing to be desired. And no allowance is made for compromises, particularly with regard to comfort, well-being and safety.

Our low-profile motorhomes

When you’re searching for the perfect combination of compact dimensions and travelling in comfort, you’re guaranteed to find what you’re looking for with the low-profile premium motorhomes from Carthago. Low, stylish and dynamic, they impress with both the customary Carthago quality characteristics and also the very attractive price/performance ratio.

The best choice, guaranteed from the best manufacturer

Top quality premium motorhomes

Our owner-run company has been one of the leading premium manufacturers in the motorhome industry since it was established in 1979. Are we going to rest on our laurels? Not a chance. As a powerful brand, we stand for uncompromisingly high quality, and a constant influx of new ideas and innovations. The awards that we are presented with at regular intervals are proof of this, and also give us motivation. 

From the “c-tourer” to the “chic c-line” and the “liner-for-two”, we have the right motorhome to suit any requirement and any travel preference with our unique selection of low-profile and A-class models.

Since 2013 our company headquarters have been in the Upper Swabian town of Aulendorf, featuring one of Europe’s most state-of-the-art motorhome production facilities. You’ll find much more than a mere manufacturing facility here. With a large sales exhibition, an additional selection of low-profile and A-class rental vehicles in the “Test & Rent” programme and the company’s own pitches for visitors, “Carthago City” is one of the motorhome capitals of Europe, and therefore one of the top destinations for real motorhome enthusiasts.

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DNA is the English abbreviation for deoxyribonucleic acid. But what does this have to do with premium motorhomes? DNA carries the genetic information of living beings, and is therefore the blueprint of an individual. Basically that which distinguishes all living beings. And it’s precisely the same with our motorhomes. Innovative thinking, an eye for detail, extravagant solutions and consistent development focus on a high degree of practical use, the perfect combination of high-tech lightweight construction materials, intelligent processing and pioneering spirit: These are the ingredients for our unique overall premium class vehicle concept. They are deeply rooted in our Carthago Premium DNA, and therefore the secret which makes each and every Carthago so special.   

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The Carthago motorhome scooter garage - more space for your holiday

The Carthago motorhomes offer enough storage space to accommodate all your luggage. The scooter garage in particular offers a huge amount of space.

Küchenbereich eines Wohnmobils mit hellen Fronten und vielen Schubladen

Kitchen dream - Cook like at home even when travelling

The Carthago kitchen wets the appetite and makes you want to cook. It's always amazing: the kitchen is spacious and full of clever details that make all the difference.

Ansicht des Kühlschranks im Carthago Reisemobil

Get to know our partner Dometic

The first refrigerator without a compressor was developed over 100 years ago. Dometic has continuously improved this technology and has expanded its product portfolio to this day.

Scandinavia trip with the liner-for-two

Our customers David & Sharon say: "We had always planned a summer trip to Scandinavia after purchasing our liner-for-two which gave us so much more comfort and space than we previously enjoyed. We had thought about Norway which is still very much on our bucket list but a Finnish friend kept extolling the virtues of his country and we were sold! We also watched the TV programme by the Hairy Bikers who traveled much of the country in the making of their programme. Our two weeks in Finland were part of a seven week, twelve country trip and was probably our favourite section."

Campsite presentation: Papillon Country Resort

Anyone who associates the Netherlands with a holiday on the North Sea alone is really doing the country an injustice. In the middle of the countryside, just over the German-Dutch border near Hengelo, lies the enchanting Papillon Country Resort - a paradise for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. It is a dealer's starting point for cycling tours, easy hikes or varied exploration tours for young and old.

Two Carthago Motorhomes in the Baltics

In this report, our customers Sven and Lena tell us about their trip to the Baltic States with their chic s-plus.

Ansicht eines Wohnmobils vor einem Gewässer mit blauem Himmel und ein paar Wolken

Badges and vignettes in the various countries:

As each country handles its own toll and sticker regulations, we have summarised the regulations for various holiday destinations for you.

Checklist: ready for spring

Many are already longing for spring with warmth and sunshine. With the current weather forecasts, many motorhome owners can rejoice because spring is approaching.

Das Bild zeigt zwei Mitarbeiter, welche gerade ein Rad eines Wohnmobils wechseln

Vehicle handling – tips and tricks for starting

As a little reminder or to refresh your memory, we have listed a few tricks for you here to ensure that no operating errors spoil your enjoyment of mobile travelling.


What’s happening at Carthago and in the motorhome industry? Bernd Wuschack, the managing director of sales, marketing and after-sales is someone who’s guaranteed to know this. And he doesn’t keep the best for himself. He keeps the latest and most exciting topics up to date in our “Carthago Inside” video series.

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Carthago Händler und zwei Kunden gemeinsam am Schreibtisch von Carthago


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