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  • Carthago achieves best result ever

    In the promobil readers' poll: c-tourer I and chic c-line I are the winners of the integrateds below and above €80,000 respectively. Five further podium places underline the popularity of the premium vehicles from Aulendorf.

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    All models from c-tourer over chic c-line, chic e-line/s-plus, highliner to the liner deluxe have been technically and visually improved. The chic e-line editions Yachting and Linerclass are a new, exciting range of motor homes with even greater autonomy and storage space that clearly show their roots in the liner series.
    Construction works on the Aulendorf site begin after a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony in November 2011. This is where the new, 100.000 square meter Carthago-City, enthusiastically anticipated in the region, grows in order to replace the current sites in Ravensburg and Schmalegg starting 2013.
    The number of staff continues to rise. Carthago currently employs more than 800 people.

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    The chic c-line T-Plus redefines the class of semi-integrated motorhomes with a lift bed. The chic c-line model range is being further upgraded. New features include the storage space concept, the kitchen, the combined bathroom and numerous further developments in the interior, exterior and options.

  • 2009
  • 2009

    Carthago is one of the most successful manufacturers of motor homes in the upper middle and upper class. The Caravan Salon 2009 witnesses the highest sales in the 30-year history of the company. The success story continues with the product range making a big impression on the European market. At the same time, the chic family is extended with a new layout, the chic e-line gets an innovative facelift with lots of technical improvements and the chic high-line makes its debut with its own special range of layouts. For the first time, the new Liner is available on an MAN bus chassis.  At the beginning of 2009, the chic c-line is introduced as a part integrated vehicle at the CMT. At the top of the range, the chic high-line flag ship is added to the chic family, featurings outstanding quality technology borrowed from the premium class. The new Liner on the Iveco Daily 65C is introduced at the same time. Carthago shows what is possible in the top range of motor homes. Another milestone in the Carthago success story.


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    260 employees produce more than 1,000 vehicles in the two plants in Schmalegg and Ravensburg. The dealer network is developed further so that outstanding service can be provided locally as well.
    Right at the start of the motor home season, Carthago introduces the new DESIGNA interior design line at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. Soon after its introduction, the new Yacht design becomes a model for a new style trend in the motor home sector.

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    Due to the overwhelming success of the Chic models at the 2004 Caravan Salon and to satisfy the large volume of customer demand, Karl Heinz Schuler, the Managing Director and owner of Carthago, decides to increase production capacities. Within a few months, a new 5000 square meter Chic production plant is built on the Deisenfang industrial estate in Ravensburg. In July, the first vehicles leave production.


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  • Cessation of vehicle production on Volkswagen base. Concentration on high-quality motor caravans based on Mercedes Benz Sprinter/IVECO.
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  • Transfer of Malibu production to a separate factory with around 2000 square meter of production floor space and 100 employees. Turnover in excess of 30 million, 550 vehicles produced per year.
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  • Facelift of the Mondial series on the Mercedes base. Seven different layouts. Carthago quality policy a central part of company’s success. Introduction of Malibu Champ constitutes peak of achievement after production of 5000 Volkswagen based vehicles.
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  • Introduction of Abakus - the first alcove model in the Carthago range.
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  • Carthago is Europe’s second largest converter of bodies based on Volkswagen vehicles.
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  • Move to Schmalegg into a newly built, 900 square meter factory
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  • 10 employees
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  • 3 employees
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  • Move to a 200 square mete workshop at 163 Wangener Street, Ravensbur
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