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Integrated motorhomes: Our core competence

They  are  regarded  as  the  champions  class  of  motorhomes: Integrated motorhomes - briefly: Integrated – gives you the pure fascination of travelling on wheels.
Integrated, that means individual and a good taste in design. That means the best view of the landscape for travelling pleasure over great distances. That means an exceptional feeling of space in the cockpit. At the destination,  turn  the  front  seats  -  and  the  travellers  take place  in  the  large  living  area  just  like  a  viewing  platform.


Semi-integrated motorhomes: dynamic and comfortable

They  are  the  coupés  amongst  the  motorhomes  –  flat, stylish and dynamic. The slender drivers cabin gives you a feeling of security and provide the motorhome with great handling. The flat optimises the aerodynamic and gives the semi-integrated a bit of sportiness for the way. An attractive  side-effect:  due  to  the  original  drivers  cabin  of your basic vehicle, the semi-integrated motorhomes are always a bit more cost effective then the elaborate integrated motorhomes. The T-model therefore forms the introduction to the world of the Carthago motorhomes.


Carthago Motorhomes