New features 2021 c-tourer I

c-tourer I

The c-tourer has been the all-rounder among the Carthago semi-integrated vehicles for many years, and is being adorned with even more highlights in 2021. On the one hand, there is a lightweight model for the 3.5 t weight class with short vehicle lengths, and on the other hand there are comfort models with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t with an extra-high payload. They all have one thing in common: maximum travel enjoyment and a comprehensive range of equipment.

New in model year 2021: many c-tourer vehicles are now also alternatively available on the premium Mercedes-Benz Sprinter chassis!

The all-rounder – chassis selection

The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter impresses with the special low frame chassis from AL-KO and front-wheel drive, powerful engine with a capacity of 2.2 l up to 170 HP and 125 kW and low emissions. Numerous safety and assistance systems highlight the premium chassis, as does the optional MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience) infotainment system with voice control, navigation and DAB+, which is optimally integrated in the cockpit and gives it a luxurious charm. Here you have the choice between a 7-inch or a 10.2-inch touch screen – state-of-the-art technology at the highest level included.

Of course, we still supply our models on the popular and well-tried Fiat chassis: the chassis impresses with its light weight, front-wheel drive and powerful engine up to 178 HP (130 kW) and numerous safety and assistant systems.

Both chassis have 16" aluminium wheels in the new model year: Fiat Ducato equips its heavy chassis variants with timeless silver-coloured wheels and therefore upgrades the outward appearance of the vehicle. The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has an elegant design with its new aluminium wheels in deep black.

An additional highlight of the integrated models are the optional full LED headlights, which won the European Innovation Award in the "Safety" category in 2020. The technology impresses with high light output, a long service life and light that is similar to daylight, which prevents the eyes from tiring. Another relevant factor is the power consumption, which is lower than with conventional halogen lights thanks to the full LED headlights with integrated dipped beam, main beam, daytime driving light, position light and indicators. The headlights give the vehicle a sporty and distinctive look and integrate perfectly next to the radiator grille.

Wohnmobil Carthago 2020 tourer 149 LE Frontansicht in weiss
Wohnmobil Carthago 2020 tourer 148 LE Frontansicht in weiss

The all-rounder – versatility in the interior

The co-tourer vehicles benefit from numerous further developments in the interior: the c-tourer appears with a uniform and modern look due to the optimisation of the dashboard, the homogeneous transition to the sideboard at the passenger side with new window interior panelling and the optimised overhead storage compartment above the L-shaped lounge seating group. The model series is available in two worlds of style: The timeless epic two-tone world of style with furniture finishes with a modern two-tone look consisting of brilliant oak decor and high gloss ivory front panels with chrome applications or optionally with the Casablanca world of style.

This impresses with furniture surfaces with a two-tone look consisting of light noble cherry and high gloss ivory. The new dark floor design with the "Senso Rigato" PVC covering sets specific contrasts with both worlds of style.

Wohnmobil Carthago 2020 tourer I 149 Mercedes-Benz Interieur Armaturenbrett
Wohnmobil Carthago compactline 143 LE Fiat Interieur Armaturenbrett
Wohnmobil Carthago tourer I 143 Interieur Durchsicht
Wohnmobil Carthago 2020 tourer I 149 Mercedes-Benz Interieur Durchsicht

Behind the L-shaped lounge seating group there is an optional, elegantly integrated TV cabinet (143 LE) on the rear wall of the washroom, and ideally adapts itself to the washroom door with its asymmetrical shape. New panelling behind the side seat scores points with regard to the design: The area has additional upgrading in the form of three strips of piping in a different colour than the wall. The model series is also getting new clothes hooks with C branding for the new model year. You'll find space for your shoes in the swing-out shoe cabinet in the base of the seat bench with a holder system for up to four pairs of shoes with integrated LED accent light. There are also many spotlights in the indirect ambient lighting, which can be controlled separately from the work light: Be it bright light when reading or cost light atmosphere in the evening with a glass of wine, you can adapt the atmosphere exactly in accordance with your needs! An elevated kitchen worktop behind the L-shaped lounge seating group separates the area from the kitchen and acts as an additional storage area. The elegantly curved counter gives the interior a luxurious yacht-style charm. In the kitchen area you have the choice between a space-saving, compact galley kitchen and a corner kitchen with a large work surface and lots of storage space. Another highlight in the kitchen is the fridge with a door that opens at both sides and a separate freezer compartment.

Wohnmobil Carthago 2020 tourer I 149 Interieur Küche
Wohnmobil Carthago 2020 tourer-t 143 Interieur Küche

In the washroom area you can choose between a space-saving combined washroom and a spacious comfort luxury washroom with a changing room. The combined washroom has room for several hair and care products with the newly integrated shower shelves, and thanks to the new towel rail in the roof dome you can hang up your damp towel to dry after showering.
The comfort luxury washroom impresses with a spacious washroom/toilet room and an opposing shower and changing room for a similar showering experience to the one at home.

Wohnmobil Carthago tourer I 148 Innenansicht Umkleidezimmer
Wohnmobil Carthago tourer I 149 Innenansicht Raumbad

For peace and quiet at night the c-tourer has numerous extra-large sleeping areas and therefore fulfils your individual requirements: You can choose from a transverse rear bed, a lengthways single bed or a queen-size bed. In many lengthways single bed models, the pull-out comfort access steps including extra-wide steps and additional storage space with which you can get into the lengthways single beds without problems are particular eye-catchers in the sleeping area. The new storage areas on the left and right above the bed integrate perfectly into the overhead storage cabinets.

Wohnmobil Carthago 2020 tourer I 144 QB Interieur Queensbett V2
Wohnmobil Carthago compactline 143 LE Interieur Einzelbett

Exterior design

In both model series, the rear area presents itself in the new design with integrated rear lights, the roof rounding which is typical of Carthago and the 4-part frame which can be replaced at lower cost than a single frame. At the sides the new exterior graphics stand out with the interplay of the anthracite and bronze-coloured lateral stripes and the Carthago C-branding.

There are many new combinations in the new upholstery collection from Carthago in model year 2021. Whatever your taste, there will be something there for you.