c-tourer I

The All-Rounder

Lightweight models with short vehicle lengths in the 3.5 t weight class and comfort-oriented models with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t. Sporty, distinct and cosy: with its “Carthago v-face” front design, main cabin width of 2.27 m and maximum living comfort and a light vehicle weight at the same time, the c-tourer model range provides floor plans for the 3.5 t weight class (optionally also with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t) as well as comfort-oriented models with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t.

c-tourer on Fiat Ducato

Elegant, comfortable and extremely practical at the same time. These are the attributes with which the c-tourer defines the step-up to the Carthago liner premium class. All Carthago c-tourer models are available on the Fiat Ducato chassis, which has proven itself for many years, they have been comprehensively upgraded in the last few years and are also light and extremely economical.

c-tourer on Mercedes-Benz

With the four most popular c-tourer models, you can optionally decide on a powerful chassis from Mercedes-Benz with an AL-KO low frame. The technically innovative basic vehicle impresses with maximum comfort and modern safety and assistant systems.

c-tourer I lightweight

models: I 141 LE, I 142 DB, I 143 LE, I 144 LE, I 144 QB

+ All lightweight models with practical payload also in the 3.5 t weight class thanks to Carthago lightweight construction technology and short vehicle lengths of up to max. 7.10 m
+ Optionally also available with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t and therefore more payload

c-tourer Comfort

models: I 148 LE, I 149 LE, I 150 QB

+ Comfort-related floor plans over a vehicle length of 7.10 m
+ Considerable feeling of spaciousness and high payload reserves with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t


+ Fiat Ducato 35 light*/40 heavy or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter*, AL-KO low frame special Carthago with 198 cm wide wheelbase rear axle
+ Fiat Ducato safety package: Airbag, ESP, ABS, ASR, electric immobiliser, hill holder, Hill Descent Control, Traction Plus / Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Airbag, side wind assistant, hill holder, ABS, ASR, EBV, ESP
+ Carthago driver's cabin visibility concept
+ Carthago full LED headlights (optional)

Living comfort

+ “Smartline plus” furniture design, two worlds of style
+ Single level living area floor
+ L-shaped lounge seating group with ergonomically shaped upholstery and wide side seat bench or pull out side seat*
+ Comfort corner kitchen or corner kitchen* with six large drawers, raised kitchen worktop for visual room separation and as additional storage area
+ Combined washroom or comfort luxury washroom*: maximum comfort and separable changing room
+ Lengthways single beds and queen-size beds with the biggest sleeping dimensions in its class

Storage space

+ Double floor with huge, heated storage compartment, usable height up to 55.5 cm
+ Exterior access via several large hatches, convenient access from the inside via the seat bench cover of the L-shaped lounge seating group and via the swing-up side seat bench*
+ Large, central through-loading space (interior height 22 cm) with extra-low double floor storage compartment (usable height 46 cm) with large, living area floor hatch
+ Scooter garage: interior height up to 120 cm*, loadable up to 350 kg

Self-suffi ciency / technology

+ 150 l fresh water, 140 l waste water
+ 1 x 80 Ah gel batteries (can be increased to 2 x 80 AH)

Air conditi oning/heating

+ Truma Combi 6 warm air storage heating system, Optional: ALDE warm water central heating*
+ Double floor with underfloor heating effect