The lightest motorhome of the integrated 3.5 t Premium Class Suitable for remote areas thanks to the exterior width, which is 15 cm narrower, and the compact vehicle length

Lightweight does not mean foregoing anything! At least not with Carthago! With a ready-to-drive weight of just 2,770 kg, the c-compact line sets the benchmark in the 3.5 tonnes weight class for premium integrated motorhomes. Without any compromises with regard to quality and comfort. The clever interior space concept and the single level living area floor throughout are fundamental attributes of the typical Carthago living comfort. Thanks to the external width reduced by 15 cm, it is also characterised by its greath and lingability. Maximum safety and the best driving behaviour is promised by the standard Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low frame special “light” chassis.

Model series strengths

+ Weight Class

  • Lightweight and manoeuvrable with 2.12 m narrow exterior width and compact vehicle lengths
  • Carthago lightweight technology – high vehicle load capacity, also in the 3.5 t weight class
  • Withstands loads up to 4.25 t

+ Chassis

  • Fiat Ducato with AL-KO lowframe 35 light
  • Standard safety package: Airbag, ESP, ABS, Hillholder, Traction Control
  • Carthago Driver’s Cabin Visibility Concept

+ Living Comfort

  • “Smartline” furniture architecture – suited to narrower vehicle widths for maximum living comfort and more freedom of movement
  • Single level living area floor
  • L-shaped lounge seating group with side seat bench or pull-out side seat (I 141 LE)
  • Kitchen with 6 large drawers, professional gourmet gas hob and round sink
  • Bathroom solutions (depending on model): maximum comfort in a small space
  • Rear beds with largest sleeping dimensions in the class

+ Storage space

  • Double floor basement with massive, heated storage compartment, usable height up to 55.5 cm
  • Access from the outside via several large hatches, convenient access from the inside via the seat bench cover of the L-shaped lounge seating group
  • Large, central through-loading compartment (interior height 22 cm) with extra-low basement storage compartment (usable height 46 cm), with large, adjustable living area floor hatch
  • Scooter garage: Interior height up to 120 cm, load capacity up to 350 kg

+ Self-suffciency/Technology

  • 150 l freshwater, 140 l wastewater
  • 1 x 80 Ah gel battery (can be increased to 2 x 80 AH)

+ Air conditioning/Heating system

  • Truma Combi 6 warm air storage heating system
  • Climate storage double floor with under floor heating effect


“The chic c-line 4.9 L has won thanks to the additional cabinets and the detail work which Carthago has put into in its successful series. Endless amounts of storage space, many practical details which simplify life in the motorhome and absolute suitability for winter thanks to the meticulously constructed double floor bring the chic c-line to the level that it represents in the Carthago portfolio: The highest standard of travel.”

Reisemobil International 08/2017, practical test of chic c-line l 4.9 LE L superior