New features 2021 liner-for-two

New liner-for-two features for MY 2021 – more comfortable, safer and more expressive

The liner-for-two represents a unique 4-room concept with an exclusive round lounge seating group. A modern cockpit with the option of becoming an office or a TV room, electrically lowerable lengthways single beds with a large sleeping area, a comfortable luxury washroom, a large kitchen with an elevated kitchen counter in the vertical waveform provide even more comfort. The liner-for-two is getting some finishing touches in the new 2021 model year: On the exterior, the liner-for-two is on the heavy chassis from Fiat with new, optional silver 16" alloy wheels, and on the Iveco chassis you can look forward to elegant alloy wheels on the front axle.


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This gives the model series an elegant and sporty look, which is reflected in the new and distinctive radiator grille with horizontal, chrome-plated double bars. The new full LED headlights, which are standard in the model series, beam out to the left and right of this. In January 2020, these full LED headlights which were specially developed for Carthago achieved first place in the European Innovation Awards in the "Safety" category. The light colour of LED headlights puts less strain on the eyes than other light systems when driving at night. Their service life is about the same as that of the vehicle, and the range and luminance thereof are outstanding. The Carthago full LED front headlights integrate the dipped beam, the main beam and the daytime driving lights in a shared housing. This gives the liner-for-two its unmistakeable and Carthago-typical design. Good visibility means safety: this is why the windscreen is 13 cm higher in the new model year for the liner-for-two on the Fiat Ducato. This gives you a better view of traffic lights, for example. However, this isn't the only place where the motorhome manufacturer has opted for safety.

Carthago offers new assistance systems in all of the Iveco models:

The emergency brake assistant with City Brake (AEBS) automatically initiates braking if there is a risk of collision. The active cruise control (ACC) with traffic jam function orients itself to the speed of the vehicle in front. The active lane departure warning assistant keeps the motorhome in its lane by means of steering intervention, and the side wind assistant stabilises the vehicle in gusts of wind. The rain/light sensor switches the low beam and the windscreen wiper on if required, and the automatic high beam activation ensures that you have the best possible visibility in rural areas. And finally, the tyre inflation pressure sensors issue a warning if the inflation pressure is incorrect.

The new exterior graphics also highlight the dynamics of the model series. The new graphics with anthracite-coloured edges and the gold C-branding round off the profile of the liner-for-two in an optimal way.

In the interior, the models are brightly illuminated thanks to the additional, optional Heki III above the round lounge seating group. The perfectly integrated Heki brightens up the entire living area and creates a cosy atmosphere which invites you to spend time there. The furnishings in the cockpit also radiate with a friendlier look: The upper parts of the sideboard and a decorative stripe on the washroom door are now in a light ivory shade.




The luxurious kitchen has two additional highlights in the new model year: The standard 153 l fridge with a separate freezer compartment and a door that opens at both sides provides additional comfort and flexibility. For a cooking experience like home, you can also choose a gas oven with a grill function in the kitchen base unit.

There are many new combinations in the new upholstery collection from Carthago in model year 2021. Whatever your taste, there will be something there for you.