New features 2021 chic e-line

New featurtes 2021: chic e-line

They represent the highest levels of comfort, self-sufficiency and independence. The chic e-line model series, which were introduced last year as the “new generation”, are immediately recognisable because of their unmistakeable design. The unmistakeable look is emphasised by the powerful radiator grille and the adjacent full LED headlights. The vehicles from the liner premium class have been given additional optimisations in this model year:

Wohnmobil Carthago e-line 51 DA Frontansicht in weiss   Wohnmobil Carthago e-line 51 QB Frontansicht in weiss


The chassis has new wheels in this model year: Silver 16" aluminium wheels are optional with the Fiat Ducato, and blend in perfectly with the rest of the exterior perfectly, and the Mercedes-Benz comes with optional 16" aluminium wheels in deep black, giving the vehicle even greater elegance

Introduced last year with the new “emotionale” world of architecture and the new “linea chiara” and “linea nobile” worlds of style, practical details of the model series are being improved.

Wohnmobil Carthago 2020 e-line 50 LE Interieur Barschwung    Wohnmobil Carthago e-line 51 QB Interieur Barschwung
linea nobile   linea chiara


The seat bench of the XL lounge seating group will have a rounded end, providing even more freedom of movement in the living area. The adapted LED plinth lighting provides targeted accents in the motorhome. The optional Nespresso coffee machine is concealed in the overhead storage compartment thanks to the new coffee machine lift including cup set and capsule holder. The refrigerator including freezer compartment with a door that can be opened from both sides is another sophisticated feature.

Wohnmobil Carthago e-line 50 LE Interieur Kaffeemaschine

The door to the wardrobe is also an eye-catcher, since it is getting a new and friendlier design for model year 2021.

The new upholstery collections from Carthago will have many more versions in model year 2021 - there’s something there for every taste!