chic e-line

The jewel in the crown of the Carthago liner class: more comfort, more self-sufficiency, more independence (Fiat Ducato-AL-KO 2-axle 4.8t)

Travel in the Carthago Liner class! The chic e-line impresses from the outside thanks to its exclusive front appearance with the typical Carthago v-face design! However, it is also unique in the interior: It is the self-sufficiency champion, since its electricity, water and storage space capacities are unique in this class. With it soutstanding year-round characteristics and its air conditioning/heating technology, it appeals to all those in search of independence. With regard to living comfort, it sets standards with an enormous 211 cm standing height in the living area, and the extremely cosy front round seating group for up to six people. The huge double floor basement is very easy to load via the large exterior hatches.

Model series strengths

+ Weight class

  • Comfort-conscious floor plans up to 4.8 t total permissible weight

+ Chassis

  • Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low frame 40 heavy, Wide wheel base rear axle 198 cm
  • Standard safety package: Airbag, ESP, ABS, hillholder, traction control
  • Carthago driver’s cabin visibility concept

+ Living comfort

  • “Yachtline” furniture in exclusive yacht style, 2 level room concept with extra-large living area height of 211 cm, Monaco bicolouror Riva World of Style
  • Large round seating group in the front with round table and wide side seat bench
  • Convenient corner kitchen with 6 large drawers, further middle drawer, coffee machine lift, slide-out storage cabinet
  • Convenient bathroom variants with separable changing room and solid wooden sliding doors

+ Storage space

  • Double floor basement with massive, heated storage compartment, usable height up to 70 cm
  • Access from the outside via several large hatches. Convenient interior access via the L-shaped lounge seating group seat bench cover and via the swing-up side seat bench and the large living area floor hatch
  • Large, central through-loading space (interior height 22 cm) with extra-low basement storage compartment (usable height 46 cm), easy to load via the entrance door thanks to the large, living area floor hatch
  • Scooter garage interior height up to 132 cm, load capacity up to 450kg

+ The best self-suffciency values in its class

  • 235 l fresh water, 145/185 l waste water
  • 2 x 80 Ah gel battery (can be extended to 3 x 80 Ah)

+ Air conditioning/heating

  • ALDE warm water central heating
  • Climate storage double floor with underfloor heating effect
  • Carthago driver's cabin thermal concept


“A great deal of storage space - even in the well used double floor - and practical detailed solutions speak for the experience of the manufacturer in the upper price class. The comprehensive range of equipment is particularly first class, from the driver’s door and the warm water heater to the large water tanks and the energy supplies. There is no deficiency in storage compartment capacity.“

Promobil 9/2015, comparison