chic c-line

The fascination of the Carthago Liner class: Elegance, comfort and extravagance

It is not just an exceptionally practically-orientated all-rounder with regard to payload and storage space, in the new generation it is more attractive, luxurious and comfortable than ever. The chic c-line provides high-tech on four wheels, the highest level of ride comfort and pure living comfort. With the innovative “Carthago v-face” front design, the new GRP rear with the bus look and a sporty, elegant exterior, it sets standards with regard to design. This is how you discover the fascination of the liner class. Discover the sophistication in detail and the incomparable charm of the most successful integrated motorhome in its class.

chic c-line superior

The next stage of the fascination of the Carthago Liner class: Elegance, comfort and extravagance

The chic c-line superior equipment line represents the most exclusive version of the chic c-line new generation. This is externally recognisable from the extended exterior decoration and the “superior” lettering. Inside, the “Siena bicolour” World of Style combines the warm colour shades of summer chestnut and the elegantly gleaming furniture fronts in high gloss cream for an atmospheric ambience in the style of a yacht.
The kitchen work surface in solid, seamless Corian is based on the Liner sector and underlines the sophisticated and luxurious character of the chic c-line superior.

Superior equipment line*****

  • Expanded exterior decor
  • 16” aluminium wheels
  • “Exclusive line” furniture architecture, unique elegance with fluid styling elements, rounded, exclusive furniture surface sand “Siena bicolour” World of Style: Furniture surfaces with a bicolour appearance, consisting of summerchestnut and high gloss ivory front panels
  • Kitchen work surfaces in solid, seamless Corian
  • Thetford C260 toilet with ceramic insert

chic c-line XL

The fascination of the Carthago Liner class: XL size delegance, comfort and extravagance

Like having plenty of room? In that case, the chic c-line XL version is the right motorhome for you. On its AL-KO low frame chassis with double axle, it handles well despite its size and is as easy to steer as any other chic c-line. Inside, it provides XXL comfort with XL length! Not just in the living area, but also in the sleeping area and the newly designed XL bathrooms of the models I 5.9 XL LE and I 6.2 XL QB. The standard ALDE hot water heating technology provides a good climate all year round.

Model series strengths

+ Weight class

  • Comfort-oriented models with a permissible gross weight of up to 4.5 t

+ Chassis

  • Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low frame 35 light/40 heavy. Wide wheel base rear axle 198 cm
  • Standard safety package: Airbag, ESP, ABS, hillholder, traction control
  • Carthago driver’s cabin visibility concept

+ Living comfort

  • “Exclusive line” furniture architecture, unique elegance due to flowing stylistic elements, rounded, exclusive furniture surfaces, choose between linea classica or linea moderna bicolour World of Style
  • Front round seating group with side seat bench and rectangular living room table
  • Comfortable corner kitchen with coffee machine lift and slide-out storage cabinet
  • Bathroom variant with maximum comfort and separable changing room
  • Fixed beds with Carawinx sleeping system

+ Storage space

  • Double floor basement with massive, heated storage compartment, usable height up to 70 cm
  • Exterior access via several large flaps, convenient access from the inside via the seat bench cover of the L-shaped lounge seating group and via the lifting side seat bench
  • Large, central through-loading space (interior height 22 cm), extra-low basement storage compartment (usable height 46 cm), easy to load via the large, adjustable living area floor hatch
  • Scootergarage: Interior height up to 120 cm, load capacity up to 350 kg

+ Above average self-suffciency

  • 170 l fresh water, 140 l waste water
  • 2 x 80 AH gel batteries

+ Air conditioning/Heating system

  • Truma Combi 6 warm air storage heating system
  • Climate storage double floor with under floor heating effect
  • Optional ALDE warm water central heating

Test results

“The chic c-line 4.9 L has won thanks to the additional cabinets and the detail work which Carthago has put into in its successful series. Endless amounts of storage space, many practical details which simplify life in the motorhome and absolute suitability for winter thanks to the meticulously constructed double floor bring the chic c-line to the level that it represents in the Carthago portolio: The highest standard of travel.”
Reisemobil International 08/2017, practical test of chic c-line l 4.9 LE L superior