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c-tourer semi-integrated Lightweight & Comfort

The All-Rounder - Lightweight models with short vehicle lengths within the 3.5 t weight class and comfort-oriented models with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t A unique entry into the Carthago premium class: the c-tourer T has all of the advantages of a Carthago with an amazingly attractive price-performance ratio. It is a lightweight among its contemporaries at the same time. The c-tourer model range provides both floor plans for the 3.5 t weight class (optionally also up to a gross weight of 4.5 t) and comfort-oriented models with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t.

c-tourer T 143 LE

chic c-line semi-integrated

The fascination of the Carthago Premium Class - Elegance, comfort and extravagance Luxurious, extravagant, comfortable and thoroughly practical: the chic c-line T comes up trumps with regard to payload, storage space, top class driving comfort, modern design and pure living comfort. Its charm sets the chic c-line T apart from the wide range of semi-integrated vehicles that are available on the market.

chic c-line T 4.8

c-compactline Super-Lightweight

The lightest motorhome of the integrated 3.5 t Premium Class - Suitable for urban areas thanks to the 15 cm narrower exterior width and the compact vehicle lengths Lightweight does not mean having to forego anything! At least not with Carthago! The c-compactline Super-Lightweight sets the standard in the 3.5 t weight class, without making compromises with regard to quality and comfort.

c-compactline I 138 DB

c-compactline I 141 LE

c-compactline I 143 LE

c-tourer Lightweight/Comfort

The All-Rounder  -Lightweight models with short vehicle lengths in the 3.5 t weight class and comfort-oriented models with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t Sporty, distinct and cosy: with its “Carthago v-face” front design, main cabin width of 2.27 m and maximum living comfort and a light vehicle weight at the same time, the c-tourer model range provides floor plans for the 3.5 t weight class (optionally also with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t) as well as comfort-oriented models with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t

c-tourer I 141 LE

c-tourer I 143 LE 

c-tourer I 144 LE

c-tourer I 148 LE

c-tourer I 149 LE 

chic c-line

The fascination of the Carthago Liner class - elegance, comfort and extravagance (Fiat Ducato AL-KO and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter AL-KO) Elegant, comfortable and extremely practical at the same time. These are the attributes with which the chic c-line defines the step-up to the Carthago liner premium class.

chic c-line I 4.8 LE

chic c-line I 4.9 LE

chic c-line I 4.9 LE L

chic c-line I 5.0 QB

chic c-line I 5.0 QB L

chic c-line 5.3 QB SL

chic c-line I 5.9 XL LE

chic e-line new generation

The jewel in the crown of the Carthago liner class - More comfort, more self-sufficiency, more independence (Fiat Ducato/Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: AL-KO single and twin axle) The chic e-line impresses with pure elegance, both exterior and interior, thanks to its unique “emotional” furniture design and tremendous amount of living area height of 211 cm. The new generation of the self-sufficiency champion is more exclusive and comfortable than ever before.

chic e-line I 51 QB DA

chic e-line 61 XL LE

chic e-line 64 XL QB

chic s-plus new generation

The crown jewel of the Carthago Liner Class - with high-traction rear-wheel drive (Iveco Daily 5.8 t/6.7 t) The high-traction rear wheel drive, the towed load up to 3.5 t, the large payload reserves and the optional 8 gear automatic transmission are characteristic of the chic s-plus. Visually and technically it is identical to the chic e-line, and cannot deny its Liner genes. Thanks to the original Iveco Daily driver’s cabin platform, even more safety with the standard side wind assistant.

chic s-plus I 50 LE

chic s-plus I 52 QB


Round rear lounge seating group with electrically extendible TV lounger, unique 4-room concept (Fiat Ducato AL-KO 2-axle/3-axle and Iveco Daily 5.8 t/6.7 t) - It sets standards among motorhomes with a rear lounge seating group: electrically lowering lengthways single beds at the front with spacious, continuous sleeping area, exclusive round lounge seating group at the rear, and an extra-wide kitchen with an elegantly curved kitchen work surface and comfort luxury washroom in between. Discover the sophisticated features of the liner-for-two!

liner-for-two I 53

liner-for-two I 53 L