Storage space concept

Carthago storage space and loading scheme

More space for your holiday

A Carthago motorhome does not just offer you a storage compartment, it offers you a clever storage compartment system. Extra-large and easily accessible exterior accesses makes loading the double floor storage compartment from the outside. Once you have arrived at your holiday destination, you can conveniently remove your luggage from the inside thanks to clever interior accesses to the storage compartments: the fold-away side seat bench or the opening seat bench lid - even without removing the seat padding thanks to special fittings. The storage compartments are lowered additionally at both sides of the central through storage compartment, thus offering the maximum possible usable depth. The massive extra-deep double floor basement in the entrance area can be accessed from the outside inside via a huge bilge hatch in the living compartment floor. The scooter garage in the rear which can be loaded up to a weight of 450 kg holds your scooter, bicycles and much more for your trip thanks to the impressive internal height. And everything is insulated, heated and illuminated.



Your added value

+ A Carthago motorhome has the biggest storage compartment in its class
+ Carthago storage compartment system with exterior and interior access - can be loaded from the outside or the inside
+ As well as the storage compartment, sufficient payload reserves are also available thanks to the lightweight construction technology
+ Storage compartments with convenient access through large exterior hatches
+ Exterior storage in the lowered climate storage double floor at the sides, manufactured using complex floor panel sandwich technology - perfect insulation and stability
+ Storage compartments insulated to protect against frost and with targeted heating
+ Storage compartments are fully usable without restrictions from installed equipment

Double floor exterior storage compartment

Comfortable access via the large exterior hatches, storage compartment can be increased by lowering the double floor on both sides, central through-loading area, storage compartment integrated under the
lounge seating group (thus can be loaded from the outside, and unloaded through the seat bench on the inside).

Double floor interior storage compartment

Deep double floor storage compartments with 40 cm usable loading depth, convenient access from the inside via floor hatches, targeted heating of the storage room.

Carthago scooter garage

Access to both sides each via large garage doors or hatches. Thanks to the deep lowered frame of the scooter garage, a greatest possible interior height is created and at the same time, convenient loading through the lowered garage access is possible. High loading capacity: up to 350 kg.