Heating concept

Cosy and comfortable, just like home

We can’t think of any reason why you should have to forego a good climate, regardless of where you are travelling to, and when. For this reason, a Carthago provides year-round comfort thanks to technical refinements such as heat-reflecting walls, targeted heating for on-board technology or heat circulation through the entire double-floor basement.  This provides the best conditions for a real well-being climate during summer and winter. Since that which insulates and keeps the heat in during the winter also keeps you cool in the summer.

Your added value with Carthago

  • Winter proof motorhome with year-round comfort
  • Underfloor heating effect – your feet are always warm
  • No warm air draughts thanks to cold stop at critical points
  • Equal heat distribution and radiation due to the aluminium inner wall
  • Heat storage effect and efficient insulation reduce the gas consumption
  • Targeted heating of all technology components safeguards functionality