DNK Carthago Premium

The Carthago DNA from the Liner Premium class.

Karl-Heinz Schuler Gründe"In every Carthago motorhome you will find the unique liner premium class construction type. It’s a family likeness without any compromises. I guarantee this added value promise with my name."

Karl-Heinz Schuler Founder, owner and foundation chairman of the Karl-Heinz Schuler family foundation

It is an incentive and obligation at the same time: The Carthago DNA is an added value promise and summarises what characterises each individual Carthago motorhome. And at the same time, it expresses the difference between Carthago and other motorhomes.

The Carthago DNA consists of five main components: the Carthago main body construction, the largest storage space and loading scheme in the class, the clever heating and air conditioning technology, the best driver's safety and visibility concept and last but not least the Carthago personality - the exclusive and unique design. These values make out the fundamental and, at the same time, most decisive difference to any other motorhome. Every Carthago motorhome profits from decades of experience from the Liner premium class. This contains our core competence. A Carthago motorhome offers you a high degree of durability and value retention, safety, protection and comfort. The materials, joining technologies used as well as their demands on weight and stability indicate many different analogies to aviation technology. Only the best is good enough for your comfort and your safety. A Carthago motorhome is something special. It not an off-the-shelf motorhome. It is a synonym for exclusivity and quality - the Carthago slogan is not “The Motorhome” for nothing.


Liner premium-class body construction

+ The highest chassis stability due to frame member reinforcement
+ 1,000-fold better heat distribution due to aluminium inside walls
+ Tested lightning protection
+ Plus in safety and value retention

Carthago lightweight technology

+ More load capacity due to low gross vehicle weight
+ higher practical use, even in the 3.5 tonne weight class (depending on model)
+ Lower fuel consumption
+ Fewer restrictions because of road traffic regulations

Largest storage compartment system in the class

+ Large exterior hatches and storage compartments with extra-large loading height
+ Storage compartment access “easy entry” from the outside as well as the inside in the living area
+ Central through-loading storage compartment, accessible from both sides
+ Storage compartment basement with central water drain

Heating and air conditioning technology

+ 1000-fold better wall heating effect due to aluminium inside walls
+ Thermal bridge-free main body construction due to cold-stop
+ Underfloor heating effect created by warmth cushion in climate storage double floor
+ Targeted heating of the technical components

Driving safety and visibility concept

+ Best comparison test value for front visibility
+ Perfect all-round visibility: bus mirror system “best view”
+ Standard safety equipment: Airbag, ESP, ABS, Traction control

Carthago personality and design leadership

+ Unique exterior and interior design
+ Carthago curved roof: Design feature, more torsional rigidity, less sensitivity to side wind
+ Carthago homely feeling: interior in yacht style
+ Quality furniture construction: with double connection technology