The Carthago Premium DNA

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More than a good feeling

Innovative thinking, an eye for detail, extravagant solutions and consistent development focus on a high degree of practical use, the perfect combination of hightech lightweight construction materials, intelligent processing and pioneering spirit. These are the ingredients for our unique overall vehicle concept. They are deeply rooted in our Carthago Premium DNA. It is an incentive and an obligation at the same time: The Carthago Premium DNA is our value promise to each Carthago customer, and brings together that which characterises every one of our motorhomes - and at the same time, it expresses how a Carthago differs from other motorhomes. Our core expertise is in motorhomes in the liner premium class. This because our 40 years of experience flow into every stage of development 
and manufacturing. We think that only the best is good enough for your comfort and your safety! The materials and construction technologies that we use and the demands that are made of their weight and stability have many similarities with aviation technology. In this way we can offer you a high degree of durability and value retention, safety, protection and comfort. In this way, each Carthago motorhome becomes something special. Each Carthago is therefore a synonym for exclusivity and quality. Or, to put it briefly, it stands for  “The motorhome”.

"In every Carthago motorhome you will find the unique design of the Liner premium class. A family resemblance without compromise. I vouch for this value promise with my name".

Chcete presne vedieť.

Uvažujete o kúpe nového obytného vozidla? Získajte komplexný obraz o všetkých špeciálnych vlastnostiach, ktoré tvoria naše luxusné obytné automobily, a intenzívne si preštudujte naše informácie. Radi sa s vami stretneme osobne a predstavíme vám našu ponuku modelov. Vítame vás, ak si plánovaný prírastok do rodiny vyskúšate na skúšobnej jazde alebo na dlhšej prehliadke s jedným z našich vozidiel na prenájom.