The liner-for-two new generation – the dream motorhome for couples


Dynamic design and sophisticated details provide the perfect driving and living experience. Exactly tailored to the needs of couples.

Our liner-for-two new generation leaves nothing to be desired.

Get in! Relax! Feel good!

The model series with the unique 4-room concept made its major première in 2019. A lot has happened since then. The liner-for-two is also immediately recognisable in model year 2023 due to its new, dynamic and elegant appearance and the even brighter and friendlier interior design. 

In the video, Karl-Heinz Schuler takes a proud look back to the emergence of the liner-for-two:

"The great interest in the liner-for-two has not abated since its presentation at the CMT more than three years ago until today. The unusual floor plan concept with a huge round lounge seating area in the rear and a vehicle length of less than 8 meters has completely convinced. The liner-for-two has exceeded all expectations."

Karl-Heinz Schuler, founder and owner

Florian Hofer takes you along in the liner-for-two new generation and shows you the new highlights and also the tried and tested highlights in an exclusive room tour.

"The new generation is characterized, among other things, by its newly designed exterior graphics, it now nestles beautifully into the Carthago family design and perfectly takes up the design language of the exclusive front design."

Florian Hofer, Head of Product Management

What characterises the liner-for-two new generation?

The liner-for-two is predestined for couples: the large round rear lounge seating area with electrically extendible TV lounger with a 40" LED flat screen, the extra-large kitchen with the elegantly curved kitchen worktop and a comfort luxury washroom. The lengthways single beds equipped with the “Carawinx” sleeping system above the driver’s cabin can be lowered at the push of a button. The model series is available on the Fiat Ducato and the Iveco Daily.

One thing becomes clear straight away when you enter the luxury vehicle: the model year 2023 Carthago liner-for-two is more elegant and cosy than ever.


All of the handles of the overhead storage compartments have a new, ergonomic design for even better haptics. The new PVC floor covering with the ship’s parquet look also provides a modern contrast to the friendly design of the interior.

Round lounge seating area

Lean back, relax and enjoy! The new finishes of the sideboards and the table of the rear seating area provide an even better atmosphere in the round lounge seating area. These finishes radiate in a brighter shade of cream from model year 2023 onwards, and the interior makes a friendly and inviting impression.

Washroom and changing room

The comfort luxury washroom still provides plenty of room with its separate spa rain shower. The new highlights are the luxury washroom door and the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe, which have been equipped with bright and modern fronts, whereby the integrated horizontal chrome inlays are a real eye-catcher.

Drop-down bed

In the cockpit, sun visors beneath the drop-down bed, newly designed shelves and a padded drop-down bed panel with a leather look reinforce the new look. By the way, this is not just a visual improvement but also a safety factor: the risk of injury is reduced if you bump your head in this area, because the covering is now extremely soft.

And also the optimisations of the shelves beneath the drop-down bed and above the sideboard at the driver and passenger side do not only create more room, but provide an even friendlier look.

Office and TV room package

The new finishes and shelves also make a positive impression in the office and TV room package. Due to its bright colour, the driver’s cabin radiates a friendly ambience, and is ideal for a mobile office in which you can enjoy working while you are on the move.

The liner-for-two new generation is recognisable straight away because of its new, dynamic and elegant exterior graphic. It has a dark grey core which is framed by elements in anthracite and gold.