Driver's cabin visibility concept

One thing is for sure: Carthago

Vision is safety: You have the road in view sooner in an integrated motorhome from Carthago. The windscreen goes as far down as possible, so that you have visual contact with the road surface after 2.77 m. When it rains, the view is improved by the optimum wiping area of the windscreen wipers. The large Carthago “best view” bus mirrors provide an outstanding view to the rear. The AL-KO low frame with wide track safety running gear lowers the centre of gravity and provides a secure contact with the ground. The double floor basement provides the high-stability main cabin with additional rigidity – you have the best possible protection in this safety body. The comprehensive Carthago safety package also comes as standard.

Your added value with Carthago

  • Maximum view upwards increased field of view due to the high windscreen  (view of traffic lights)
  • View optimisation towards the front*View of the road surface after just 2.77 m thanks to the perfect, ergonomic cab design and the dashboard that slopes steeply towards the front and low front windscreen
  • Optimised windscreen wiping areabigger field of view when it is raining
  • Carthago “best view” rear-view mirror system for maximum field of view towards the rear
  • Comprehensive safety package as standard