Carthago – perfectly insulated for summer and winter

In summer a vehicle should not heat up too much and in winter the heat should stay inside. To achieve this, you can rely on Carthago's intelligent body construction. Today we will show you how this is possible.

In the past, almost all motorhomes were built on a wooden framework, which served as a load-bearing frame. The gaps were filled with polystyrene/EPS foam (expanded polystyrene). This insulating material is light, but it has a disadvantage: If water penetrates the sandwich somewhere, the EPS foam soaks up and transports the moisture to the wooden reinforcements. The wood can start to rot and lose load-bearing capacity. The consequences: Expensive repairs and damage.

Today, people build more modern and intelligent: Carthago trusts the insulation material XPS (extruded polystyrene), more precisely a RTM rigid foam, this is slightly more expensive and heavier than EPS, but does not absorb water and thus has a lifelong effective insulation. This is because XPS is a closed-cell - it has a smooth, homogeneous surface and no capillary channels where water can rise. The RTM foam can be found in the side walls, roof structure and floor panels of Carthago motorhomes and has a high thermal insulation capacity. Thus it offers protection against heat in summer temperatures and high insulation against cold in winter.

In winter you can rely on Carthago heating and air conditioning technology:

  • Targeted heating of the driver's cab area - the living area in the driver's cab is pleasantly tempered without a cold air stream on the area of the windscreen
  • Underfloor heating effect - numerous warm air outlets and heat circulation channels throughout the climate storage double floor ensure even heat distribution. This heat cushion radiates from below to the living room floor and warms it pleasantly
  • Heated technical components - cold-sensitive areas in a Carthago are specifically heated: e.g. tanks, batteries, storage compartments and door entrances.
  • Wall heating effect - aluminium on the inside of the wall stores the absorbed heat and releases it evenly. This creates a very pleasant wall heating effect

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