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c-tourer Lightweight/Comfort

The c-tourer is available in Lightweight and Comfort models. The c-tourer Lightweight models impress with their short vehicle lengths of up to 7 m, their perfect handling and their amazingly light own weight. Thanks to the Carthago lightweight construction technology, they are ideal for certification within the 3.5 t weight class. If certification within the 3.5 t weight class is not essential and comfort is more important than weight, the c-tourer Comfort models are the right solution.

MMM 07/2021

"The kitchen scores well in other aspects, too. It looks good, with curves aplenty and a mix of pale wood, gloss white and contrasting mottled charcoal worktop. Another plus is the sink cover that inverts and becomes a useful (ans surprisingly study) shelf." 

MMM 07/2021

"Inside the washroom itself, the space is well used. There's plenty of storage, including recesses with rails to keep their contents in place, and good details such a drying rail and useful worktop around the basin. Plastic screens fold and rotate to create a fairly generous shower with excellent water pressure."

AutoBild Reisemobil 04/2021

"Proven layout meets clever space solutions meets grandiose base. The c-tourer with star is the optimal travel companion for experienced campers who want to invest in a compact, high-quality and timeless motorhome."