Unique 4-room concept: liner-for-two

The liner-for-two models are characterised by a round lounge seating area in the rear with electrically extendible TV lounger, a unique 4-room concept, a large kitchen area and a comfort luxury bathroom with changing room. This range focuses on the needs of two travellers and perfectly meets the requirements for "travelling as a couple".

The liner-for-two is available on the proven Fiat Ducato chassis as well as on the robust Iveco Daily base vehicle. The Fiat Ducato with AL-KO low frame scores with the powerful engine with up to 180 hp, with the Iveco Daily you can even look forward to 207 hp. No matter which basic vehicle you choose, with the powerful engines, high-traction rear-wheel drive and twin wheels (Iveco Daily) or the optional double axle (Fiat Ducato) you are well prepared for every journey. That way, you can put together the ideal holiday companion - whether with trailer, summer or winter tours.

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The liner-for-two also promises independent travel: whether at the campsite or completely self-sufficient, with this model range you are completely flexible. Because with the 210-litre fresh water tank and the 155-litre waste water tank, a 2 x 80 Ah gel battery (optionally 3 x 80 Ah gel batteries or 2 x 90 Ah lithium-ion battery) and a low-positioned gas bottle box with 2 x 11 kg gas bottles, you don't have to worry about self-sufficiency and remain independent. By the way: The positioning of the gas bottles makes it easy to swap them.

The large round rear seating area is a real eye-catcher when entering the liner-for-two. The large Heki III panoramic skylight above the round rear lounge seating area and the three panorama windows behind it perfectly set the scene for the living area. You can achieve even more atmosphere with the second Heki III above the round lounge seating area (optional). Whether for cosy evenings for two or in convivial company with friends, the round lounge seating area is predestined for both uses.

Thanks to the electrically extendible TV lounger (optional), you can make yourself as comfortable as on your sofa at home. The large electrically extendible 40'' LED flat screen (optional) can be extended for use, otherwise it disappears behind the round lounge seating area.

In the I 53 L model you can also look forward to an additional rear shelf, two storage compartments and two glass display cabinets with interior lighting as well as a wine bottle drawer behind the round lounge seating area.

A visual highlight is definitely the kitchen with under lit worktop. In total, there are six large drawers and two overhead storage cabinets, providing plenty of space for crockery, pots, pans and cutlery. Additionally, to the right of the kitchen is a pull-out storagea cabinet that is conveniently accessible due to its placement at eye level. The opposite refrigerator has a capacity of 153 liters and can be opened from both sides through the innovative door. A chic kitchen counter in vertical waveform visually separates the living area and kitchen. At the same time, it is a practical storage area for cooking ingredients, dishes, etc.

The capsule coffee maker with pull-out system (optional) is perfectly positioned between the kitchen and the lounge seating area and can therefore be operated from both sides. Underneath is a switch for the electric central locking system, which activates the locking of the kitchen counter, drawers and overhead cupboards with a click.

The extended storage cabinet serves as an additional work surface and also offers plenty of space for your food. The two separate waste bins in the storage cupboard are easily accessible at all times and can be hidden away at the same time. The multifunctional sink cover of the stainless steel round sink, which can be placed underneath the kitchen counter as an additional work surface extension, is also well thought-out.

Adjacent to the kitchen is the comfort luxury bathroom with separate spa rain shower and spacious washroom, which can be separated with a solid door. The floor-to-ceiling wardrobe with two clothes rails and the two sideboards with large linen drawers offer plenty of space for the holiday wardrobe. In addition, the area can be partitioned off from the kitchen and sleeping area by a sliding door and the washroom door and can thus be converted into a protected changing room in a few easy steps. The skylight provides enough daylight in the changing room and can be opened for ventilation after showering. The shower tray and shower corner pillar are in a noble dark granite look, the shower walls in a marble design. By the way: The rain shower with roof hood offers a standing height of 1.98 m, so that great freedom of movement is guaranteed.


Above the driver's cab is the electrically lowerable lengthways single bed, which promises comfort with a convenient bed entry and a large seat height. The beds are equipped with the medically recommended, point-elastic Carawinx sleeping system and 7-zone quality cold foam mattresses. The continuous lying surface offers a laying length of up to 2.0 m and a width of 2.10 m. The bed is also equipped with an integrated roof hatch. Here, too, an integrated skylight provides daylight and enables ventilation. The sliding doors underneath the drop-down bed serve on the one hand for darkening and on the other hand for cold separation from the driver's cab.

Optionally, the liner-for-two offers a mobile office: swivelling driver's seats, an extendible table top, additional USB 230 V socket as well as a height-adjustable TV holder offer you the perfect workplace on the road.

By the way: even in the I 53 model, which is only 7.83 m long, the rear garage offers enough space for bicycles thanks to the pedelec garage. So if you are an enthusiastic cyclist, nothing stands in your way of a bicycle tour for two on holiday.

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