The sophisticated all-rounder: c-tourer Lightweight/Comfort

The c-tourer Lightweight/Comfort is the all-rounder among the Carthago motorhomes: On the one hand it offers layouts for the 3.5 t weight class and on the other hand layouts up to 4.5 t total weight and scores with a high payload. Today we will show you the advantages of the c-tourer Integrated. Of course, our all-rounder is also available as a semi-integrated model.

The Lightweight layouts include the I 141 LE, I 142 DB, I 144 LE and I 144 QB with a length of up to 7 metres. The Comfort class includes the three I 148 LE, I 149 LE and I 150 QB layouts, which have a vehicle length of over 7 metres.

You have the choice between two base vehicles: Fiat Ducato or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. You can find the advantages of the individual base vehicles here.

Since the model year change, the series shines with some new details: All hinges on doors and flaps are now invisibly recessed in the frame. This results in a homogeneous appearance and ease of cleaning. The sporty, elegant radiator grille on Fiat Ducato is harmoniously integrated into the front  lower mask of the range and is perfectly set off by the optional full-LED front headlights.

The Exterior Design package is certainly a highlight. The exclusive and individual design includes the following components:

a) The exclusive Carthago Full-LED headlights: sporty-elegant, innovative, safe. Their light colour corresponds approximately to daylight and therefore makes the eyes less tired than other light systems. In addition, the durability of LED lamps reaches about vehicle life - therefore cumbersome lamp changes are no longer necessary. At the same time, power consumption is very low. And finally, the luminous efficiency remains almost constant over the entire service life.

b) The fog lights with chrome applications are a real eye-catcher of the Design package. These lend the model series a certain elegance and harmonise perfectly with the radiator grille with chrome refinement.

c) The extended exterior décor "exteriour-line" clearly stands out from the standard variant due to the sporty exterior décor with a colour interplay of anthracite and bronze-coloured accents.

d) The "liner" bonnet design also provides an optical extension of the windscreen.

The all-rounder shows what it can do not only on the outside, but also in the interior:

In this model year, you still have a choice of the two familiar style worlds: the epic style world as standard and the Casablanca style world as an option. The epic style world is characterised by the furniture décor in brilliant ash with high-gloss ivory overhead cupboard fronts. Casablanca, on the other hand, is based on a somewhat warmer, lighter furniture decor in noble cherry with the same division of wooden and high-gloss ivory fronts.

Depending on the model, you can choose different TV systems in the living room:

Depending on the model, the L-shaped seating group is available with a pull-out side seat base or with a fold up seat base to allow access to the double floor storage.  No matter which variant you choose, the L-shaped seating group invites you to spend time with friends and is also very comfortable thanks to the comfortable seating surfaces. Underneath the L living seating group is a swing-out shoe cabinet with storage system for up to four pairs of shoes. With the integrated LED accent light, you can find the right footwear even at late hours.

A raised kitchen counter behind the L-shaped living seating group separates the living area from the kitchen area and serves as additional storage space. The elegantly curved counter gives the interior a luxurious yacht-style charm. In the kitchen area, you have the choice between a space-saving, compact side kitchen, an angled kitchen and a comfort angled kitchen with a large work surface and plenty of storage space.

Overview of the kitchen variants

Another highlight in the kitchen is the refrigerator, which scores with a door opening on both sides and a separate freezer compartment. New for model year 2022 in the I 149 LE model is the separate waste bin in a separate hygiene area in the large kitchen pull-outs.

You can also find all the advantages of the different kitchen types in our current catalogue. In the bathroom area, you can choose between the intelligently solved Vario swivel bath, a combination bath and a spacious compact bath or comfort room bath. All bathrooms can be separated from the bedroom and/or living room to create a large dressing room for the desired privacy.

For the night's rest, the c-tourer offers extra-large sleeping surfaces and meets your individual needs: rear transverse bed, longitudinal single bed and queen bed are available. In the sleeping area, the pull-out comfort entrance stairs including extra-wide steps and additional storage space catch the eye in some models (depending on the model), so you can climb into the twin beds comfortably and without any problems.

Technical highlights of the series at a glance:

c-tourer Lightweight

  • Models: I 141 LE, I 142 DB, I 143 LE, I 144 LE, I 144 QB
  • All lightweight models with a practical payload, also in the 3.5 t weight class, thanks to Carthago lightweight construction technology and short vehicle lengths of up to max. 7.10 m
  • Optionally also available with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t and therefore more payload

c-tourer Comfort

  • Models: I 148 LE, I 149 LE, I 150 QB
  • Comfort-oriented floor plans over a vehicle length of7.39 m
  • Considerable feeling of spaciousness and high payload reserves with a gross weight of up to 4.5 t

Double floor with huge, heated storage compartment:

  • Usable height up to 55.5 cm
  • Exterior access via several large hatches, convenient interior access via L-shaped lounge seating area seat bench cover, fold-up or lift-up side seat bench as well as large living area hatch
  • Large, central through-loading space (interior height 22 cm), with extra-low double floor storage compartment (usable height 46 cm), convenient loading through the main cabin door via a large, self-supporting living area floor hatch
  • The entire double floor is heated with a climate storage function and underfloor heating effect

Carthago premium-class body construction:

  • Highly stable body connection by means of frame members (roof-wall / floor-wall).
  • Absolutely wood-free construction with water-repellent RTM hard foam insulation core
  • Inner walls and roof interior made of aluminium = lightning protection
  • Microfibre climate wall covering

Further details can be found in the standard and optional equipment.