Ray and Maria Knightly - travel throughout Europe with Carthago

Little did we know what we were expecting from the day the decision was made to launch a completely new model within the Carthago range.

Launched at the CMT Stuttgart Show in January 2018 it was an instantaneous hit and the first vehicle was quickly sold ! A year later at the CMT Stuttgart Show and the liner-for-two became not only the new benchmark for motorhomes with a rear lounge seating area but it was also awarded with the European Innovation Award in the “Interior Design “ category.

At this time, Ray and Maria Knightly from the UK were already awaiting delivery of their very own liner-for-two. In February 2018, they saw a video of the very first liner-for-two prototype and immediately recognised it ticked all their boxes and placed an order for the very first liner-for-two to be sold in the UK without even seeing one in the flesh, some 8 months before it was officially launched in the UK at the NEC Show in Birmingham in October 2018!


When we first heard about their story and their plans to travel throughout Europe for 6 months we got so interested  in their adventure we decided it would be a great idea to share their adventures, travel tips and hot spots all over Europe with you !




We bought our first motorhome without having stayed on a campsite before and our second motorhome, a Carthago liner for two, based only on sight of the video of the prototype in development. You could say we took a risk both times but we definitely have no regrets. We have loved the motorhoming life from day one and anticipate our liner for two which we are about to pick up, will equally surpass expectations.

We are setting off on a six month trip and feel extremely lucky to have this opportunity. We are going to travel around UK in April getting to know our new liner for two. Then our rough plan is to explore Brittany and Normandy in May, mainly around their coasts. After a couple of weeks back in UK in early June to see some family and friends we are driving through France and Switzerland to Vienna in Austria. We enjoy history and scenic routes so from there we will follow the Romantic Road (Romantikstrasse) to Salzburg, spend some time in the Austrian Tyrol, then follow Germany’s Romantic Road. During our trip through Germany we are hoping to take our motorhome back to where it was “born” at Carthago City in Aulendorf and we will be really interested to do a tour of the factory and see how these amazing vehicles are built. We love keeping up with the latest developments in the motorhome world so will be taking advantage of being in Germany at the same time as the largest motorhome show in the world in Düsseldorf. Once we’ve left Germany we then plan to explore the Netherlands on our way back to the UK. Of course some of this is likely to change as the beauty of motorhoming is that you can easily alter your plans whenever you choose!

If you want to follow our journey and share your comments or give us ideas of places to see please keep following our story here, visit our website at or find us on Facebook. This provides more details of our plans and experiences and has links to our social media activity.

Lastly a big thank you to colleagues at Carthago and at our dealer Camper UK, who have helped us get to this exciting point.