The fascination of living

The Carthago lounge experience

On the road, yet still at home: your Carthago is a sheer feel-good motorhome. With continuous one-level living area floor free of any tripping hazards. With maximum comfort from front to rear. Take a seat in the comfortable lounge seating group. Enjoy the seating comfort of the high quality and ergonomically perfect upholstery. Visitors are welcome – with its generous L-shaped seating group with opposing side seat bench, every Carthago provides room for up to six guests. Or do you just want to relax and put your feet up? The position of the living room table is easy to change individually using a foot pedal. Extra-large flat screens turn the motorhome into a home cinema. In the driving condition, the monitor disappears into the backrest of the side seat bench via a clever pull-out system.

The Carthago professional kitchen

What's your pleasure – a small breakfast or a big meal? The Carthago kitchen will whet your appetite and make you want to cook. It never ceases to amaze: the kitchen of a Carthago is spacious and 
full of clever details that make the difference. The large fridge provides space and is conveniently positioned at hand height. The look, feel and functionality of the high-quality fittings and drawers in 
household quality are impressive. The practical and spacious slide-out storage cabinet is cleverly designed. The lighting underneath the large work surface is attractive, and is useful when looking into the drawer underneath. The sink cover converts into a practical work surface with cutting board function. Thanks to the lift system developed by Carthago, the coffee machine disappears into the overhead storage cabinet, therefore saving space. A kitchen full of ideas - typical Carthago.

The world of Carthago washrooms

Be it the combined washroom, comfort washroom or luxury washroom - personal hygiene in a Carthago is a pleasant pastime rather than an unpleasant duty. The spacious shower rooms can be separated via a round sliding door in all combined washrooms. In the luxury washroom models, they are positioned opposite the washroom and accessible on a single level. A spacious separable changing room separates the living area and the sleeping area in front of the washroom. The double function door in the luxury washroom is particularly ingenious – it can be used to partition off the toilet and the living area passage at the same time, giving you privacy at all times. The icing on the cake of the washroom experience are the washrooms in the XL models: almost unlimited amount of room, combined with elegant design elements. Thanks to the complete separation from the sleeping area and the living area using sliding doors, a true washroom paradise with a large wall mirror is created.

The Carthago changing room

Almost all Carthago models surprise you with a room that other motorhomes don’t have - the changing room. A quick twist is enough - by opening the washroom door to the opposite stop, this acts as a room partition to the living area. Separation in the direction of the sleeping area is achieved via a sliding door made from solid wood, or a pull-out room dividing and television wall. And there, between the 
living area and the bedroom, you create a changing room that is separated and protected from view at all sides. The wardrobe is installed at a practical reachable height and can be accessed from the changing room, and all you need to do to check your look in the mirror is turn around.

The Carthago worlds of sleeping

Everything for a good night’s sleep. And you can only enjoy the next day on holiday if you have had a good night's sleep. Carthago makes it comfortable for you: with the extra-large sleeping dimensions, spacious queen-size beds and the standard and extra-large drop-down beds in the integrated motorhomes. And also with the high quality 7-zone cold foam mattresses and under springing systems. The many clever details are typical for Carthago: pull-out access steps, floor plan versions with low access to the beds, adjustable head sections for the queen-size and single beds and the sturdy drop-
down bed. Just don’t forget to get up when the next day of the holiday starts.