Standard features

Basic vehicle

Fiat Ducato flat frame

  • Engine: Diesel 2.3 l Multi-Jet, 130 HP (96 kW), 4 cylinders, 320 Nm, Euro 6, 6-speed gearbox, front-wheel drive
  • Driver & passenger airbag, ABS, electric immobiliser, ESP, ASR, hill holder, Hill Descent Control (HDC), Traction Plus
  • Cup Holder (bottle holder for 2 bottles) in driver’s cabin 
  • Daytime running light integrated into the standard headlight
  • Central locking of driver’s cabin door via remote control
  • Mud flaps on the rear axle
  • Fuel tank 90 l

Main cabin

Bodywork of the liner premium class:

  • Completely wood-free body shell
  • Roof outer shell GRP: hail protection, floor panel with GRP at top and bottom: moisture and stone chipping protection, rot resistant
  • Roof/wall connection via curved roof and frame member, increases rigidity of body
  • Side walls/rear wall: aluminium on outside and inside (heat storage effect: 1,000 times higher conductivity than wood), RTM hard foam insulating core in roof, floor and side walls (no moisture absorption possible)
  • Thermal bridge-free and highly stable chassis connection via shape-fitting bonded aluminium frame members with additional cold-stop
  • Side roof rack system, easy accessory attachment and rain deflection
  • roof surface can be walked on
  • Total wall and roof thickness, 38 mm
  • Carthago lighting protection tested: Faraday cage by means of aluminium chassis interior and additional lightning protection measures
  • 10-year leak-free guarantee
  • Exterior hatches made from the original side wall material “Carthago Isoplus” for uninterrupted insulation
  • Double hatch seal: internal/external (external seal as protection against splashed water)
  • Segmented side skirts made from aluminium extruded profiles, powder coated (easy to repair)
  • 4-part rear frame with separate rear bumper (easy to repair)
  • Carthago rear lights in modern design with Carthago “C” branding as LED lamp unit
  • Seitz S4 main cabin window, cold thermal bridge-free double frame with insulated glazing, insect screen blind, pleated blackout blind and window stay
  • Main cabin door “premium one”, with door limiter and door window
  • Exterior LED light above cabin door with integrated rain deflector
  • Electrically extendible entrance step, additional operation via driver’s cabin and warning buzzer
  • Cabin door entrance lowered in insulated double floor heated to prevent cold coming in
  • Carpet in entrance area
  • Carthago entry lighting in the entrance area
  • Safety key system for all cabin doors and hatches

Carthago driver’s cabin

  • Single level transition from the living area to driver’s cabin
  • T shroud in high-quality GRP structure with double-shell insulation
  • Aguti “Milan” rotating comfort seats for driver and passenger with adjustable armrests
  • Driver’s cabin doors with central locking and electrically adjustable windows on driver and passenger sides
  • Electrically adjustable and heated outer mirror
  • All-round extra high roof storage compartments above the driver’s cabin
  • Dividing curtain for the living area for additional protection against the cold
  • 230 V/12 V/USB sockets in the driver’s cabin 

Double floor basement with huge, heated storage space 

  • On board technology mount, storage space and climate storage, underfloor heating, integrated for driving stability
  • Stepless, continuous floor in living area
  • Underfloor heating effect: heat is stored in the insulated double floor and radiates from below into the entire living area floor
  • Double floor basement with huge, heated storage compartment, usable height up to 55.5 cm, exterior access via several large hatches, comfortable access from the inside via L-shaped lounge seating group seat bench cover and via the swing-up side seat bench as well as the large living area floor hatch, large central through-loading space (interior height 22 cm) with deeply lowered storage cellar (usable height 46 cm), comfortable to load via large living area floor hatch 
  • Integrated central water drain in large basement storage compartment can be operated from inside and outside
  • LED lighting of double floor storage compartment

Scooter garage

  • Large scooter garage, extra low for more interior height
  • Convenient loading through the low loading edge
  • Lowering via shape-fitting, bonded aluminium frame member, can be loaded up to 350 kg
  • Access via the large garage door at the passenger side and the additional door at the driver’s side
  • Garage floor: original floor panel with GRP on outside and inside, garage floor with anti-slip coating
  • Garage insulated all round and heated – frostproof
  • Lashing system for securing luggage using stable frame members incl. 8 lashing eyes
  • 230 V socket

Living area

  • “Smartline plus” furniture with overhead storage compartment element in the shape of a vertical wave
  • L-shaped lounge seating group in the driver’s cabin/living area with side seat bench, with two 3-point seat belts, room for up to 5 persons
  • Large living area table, slides in 2 directions and rotates by 180° (using foot pedal)
  • Living room seat padding with multilayer premium foam core and back support function
  • Bench cover for double floor storage with patented fitting, thus easy to open without having to removing the upholstery
  • Durafix double connection technology: furniture parts bolted and mortised for a durable connection, top stability and permanent quietness without annoying rattling furniture noise during travel
  • Solid metal, household-quality holder rods, hinges and rails
  • Door closer with soft cushioning prevents noises being caused while travelling
  • Curtain system can be completely removed for cleaning, additional decorative hangings matching living area upholstery
  • Interior of walls and roof with textile climate-regulating wall covering for an exclusive living area ambience and for regulating the living area climate

Interior design

  • Epic bicolour World of Style: furniture finish with modern bicolour look made from bright ash tree and high gloss ivory fronts with chrome applications 


  • Kitchen worktops with scratch-proof shale design
  • Work surface lit from underneath with LED light strip
  • Kitchen unit with integrated waste bin, cutlery pull-outs on left and right sides
  • 6 large “Easy glide” drawers on rollers with self-closing and anti-slam
  • “Professional Gourmet” 3-ring hob with split glass cover for additional surface space with robust cast iron grate and easy-clean glass surface
  • Stainless steel round sink flush mounted in the worktop, with split and multifunctional sink cover (flush work surface, cutting board or additional storage area)
  • Practical wall holder for sink cover as additional work surface/cutting board
  • High mixer tap with metal tap and high-quality ceramic seal
  • Kitchen rear wall in cream decorative glass
  • Pull-out coffee machine in overhead storage compartment above kitchen
  • 160 l refrigerator (models 143 LE, 144 LE/QB: 145 l Slimtower 145 l) with separate freezer compartment, automatic energy source finder operated using 12 V/230 V/gas


Changing area & room separation:

  • Changing area with movable room dividing door to living area (not models 143 LE, 145 DB H, 148 LE H)
  • Room pleated dividing blind for separating off the changing room and sleeping area (models 148 LE, 149 LE, 150 QB) 
  • Room-high wardrobe with two clothes rails and shelf integrated in the changing room (model 148 LE)
  • Combined bathroom with round shower that can be divided off:
  • Completely separable round shower with wrap-around door
  • Shower tray with 2 drains for position-independent water drainage
  • Height-adjustable hand shower on chrome shower stack
  • Mini-Heki skylight in washing area
  • Wash stand base unit with toilet paper holder and storage compartment
  • Large mirror storage cabinet with shelves
  • Single mixer tap with high-quality ceramic sealing
  • Thetford C 260 standard cassette toilet
  • Solid bathroom door with interior hinges, metal handle and door lock


  • Separate, spacious shower room at opposite side with 2 position-independent drains
  • “One level” shower access
  • Shower with waterproof shower insert with same design as living area floor, easily removable for cleaning purposes (model 149 LE)
  • Shower insert in same design as living area floor design, removable for showering (not model 149 QB)
  • Shower head height-adjustable on chrome rail
  • Skylight for ventilation in shower
  • Washing room with mini Heki skylight
  • Wash stand base unit with toilet paper holder and storage compartment
  • Single mixer tap with high-quality ceramic sealing
  • Thetford C 260 standard cassette toilet


Fixed beds in the rear area:

  • Two-part heated and ventilated slatted frame
  • Quality 7-zone cold foam mattress for optimal and healthy sleeping comfort
  • Lengthways single beds/queen-size bed: adjustable head section
  • Sleeping area extension between the lengthways single beds using an additional mattress (no ladder required, not model 144 LE)
  • Convenient access steps, extendible to the front when using the sleeping area extension (lengthways single bed floor plans, not model 144 LE)
  • Rear double bed models: Seitz S4 cabin window above bed to rear wall
  • Lengthways single beds: integrated TV cabinet in bedroom with shelf base (not model 144 LE)
  • Wardrobes on left and right next to the queen-size bed (models 144 QB, 150 QB)
  • Wardrobes beneath the lengthways single beds, easily accessible from front and above via the lift function - recess in the double floor for additional volume
  • Mini-Heki skylight above rear bed
  • All-round roof storage compartment with large storage volume (queen-size bed floor plan: overhead storage cabinets above bed)

On-board technology 


  • Fresh water and waste water tanks integrated in the heated double floor, frost-free and for optimal centre of gravity (volume: 150 l of fresh water, 140 l of waste water)
  • Fresh and waste water tanks with cleaning opening accessible via living area floor hatch and scooter garage (depending on model)
  • Drain cocks positioned in the double floor, frost-free and easily accessible (central water drain)
  • Water supply via low-maintenance and reliable water pressure pump system


  • External, low positioned and therefore easily accessible gas compartment with separate exterior hatch and separate stay
  • Model 143 LE: gas compartment in rear area, easily accessible via separate gas compartment door
  • Holds 2 x 11 kg gas bottles
  • Gas taps easily accessible in kitchen area


  • Electric centre, easily accessible in scooter garage incl. chargers/fuses/fuse protection, 16 A automatic charger, electronic control, automatic shut-off when voltage too low, including vehicle battery charging function
  • Battery centre with 1 x 80 Ah gel battery, heated, can be accessed from outside, with main power switch, preparation for 2nd add-on battery available
  • Truma CP+ digital operating panel for warm air heating, easy to operate, within technical panel above entrance door 
  • Backlit multi-function panel, easy to operate, within technical panel above entrance door
  • Innovative lighting concept:
  • LED spotlights in living area above seating group beneath overhead storage cabinets and beneath rear bed, kitchen and fold-down bed overhead storage cabinets
  • Ceiling canopy with additional LED spotlights and indirect LED lighting for cosy ambience 

Heating technology

  • Truma Combi 6 hot air storage heating system, gas powered
  • Numerous hot air outlets in living area, double floor, rear garage and cabin door entry
  • Underfloor heating from heated climate storage double floor