Highlights c-tourer T

Living area, double floor, exterior hatches

  • Living area standing height:198 cm
  • Standing height under folding bed: 185 cm
  • Sitting height (folding bed): 73 cm
  • Storage compartment height: 40 cm
  • Double floor height: 17 cm
  • Access height (bed): 109 cm
  • Garage height: 120 cm
    Exterior hatch for access to the storage compartment under the lounge seating group
    Deep double floor storage compartments: with 40 cm usable loading depth, access from the inside via floor hatches (depending on model)
    Scooter garage with lowered position and high internal height, two garage doors, luggage lashing rails
    Exterior door with double seal system, external seal serves to protect against splashed water

    Option central fold-down bed

    For those that need more sleeping places, you can select an optional comfortable central fold-down bed. This bed is positionedabove the lounge seating group and is lowered to the sleeping position electrically. Thanks to the continuous living area floor in the living and driving condition, you always have an outstanding standing height of 185 cm in the area under the central folddown bed. With the c-tourer T 145 H and 148 H floor plans, you even have a wide double fold-down bed with extra generous sleeping surface for 2 persons.

    Advantages of the Carthago central fold-down bed
    +  Simple operation using the electric drive
    +  Plenty of headroom when sitting up in the lowered bed
    +  Compact standing height above the fold-down bed thanks to single level living area floor.