Look forward to the Carthago upgrades of the model year 2022. Let yourself be inspired by the model ranges. We are already giving you exclusive insights into the highlights!

Even more exclusive, even more elegant...look forward to the new chic c-line new generation 2022! We don't want to reveal too much yet! On our landing page www. best-cline.com we will regularly inform you about new details and present the novelties of the series. Be curious!

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New extra wide body doors

All Carthago series get new and extra-wide habitation doors for the model year change. These have grown to a proud 63 cm. In the c-compactline, c-tourer and chic c-line series you can look forward to the XL body door "premium two 2.0". The XL body door "Safetyluxe" is used in the chic e-line/s-plus and liner-for-two series.

With the "Safetyluxe" version, you receive the optional "Luxury habitation door" package with further advantages:

an electric closing aid for quiet closing and additional LED lighting in the door window for the "coming & leaving home" function. Furthermore, you can open and close the door keylessly with the help of an RFID chip. And with the electric door opening support from the inside and outside, you can open the door even more easily. This means security and ease of use at the highest level.

In our video we show you how the options work.

New multimedia systems

c-compactline Super-Lightweight

The c-compactline Super-Lightweight remains slim and light this year, without any compromises! Optionally, you can get the five models with a voltage converter from 12 V to 230 V with 1800 watts of power. In the new Kitchen/Coffee package, it is combined with a coffee capsule machine.

c-tourer Lightweight/Comfort

c-tourer Lightweight/Comfort

In the interior, the kitchen unit of some models has a separate waste bin with separate hygiene area. Optionally, this series comes with a voltage converter from 12 V to 230 V with 1800 watts of power. In the new "Kitchen/Coffee" package, it is combined with a coffee capsule machine. In the I 149 LE model, you can enjoy high-quality chrome profiles as well as chrome covers on rail glides on the shower doors.

The two semi-integrated models T 145 DB H and T 148 LE H not only have a new furniture design but also the practical swivel-out shoe cupboard in the seat bench base with storage system for up to four pairs of shoes, which you already know from the other c-tourer models. Furthermore, these two models have the popular and practical kitchen counter between the kitchen and the L-shaped seating group for more storage space and as a visual highlight in the motorhome

chic e-line/chic s-plus

The chic e-line and chic s-plus series now feature the "Safetyluxe" surface-mounted door as well as a new system for attaching the venetian blinds and blinds for easier operation. The revised shower offers even more bathing pleasure. The new shelves are practical, the shower tray elegant and the revised, backlit corner pillar in a dark granite look. The shower wall in marble design, including coat hooks with a pleasant feel, harmonises with this. In addition, the windows in the bedroom in the single bed models have new linings made of imitation leather.


The liner-for-two is also being fine-tuned for the new model year: In addition to the elegant door entry trim of the XL body door, you can look forward to the adaptation in the bathroom, as with the chic e-line/s-plus. Furthermore, the range benefits from a new fastening system for the Roman blinds and blinds.