Lightweight construction

Lightweight construction technology

Extremely stable and super light: The Carthago c-compactline Super-Lightweight and c-tourer Lightweight vehicles are the lightest models in their class. The consistent lightweight construction technology has many advantages, from which you will benefit during every holiday trip. By the way: for the first time, Carthago has succeeded in developing a premium motorhome in the 3.5 t weight class 
in a practicable way, and it has been the benchmark in the premium class ever since.

"Everyone is talking about lightweight construction. We just get on with it."

Lightweight construction is not necessarily lightweight, since anyone can leave things out. Intelligent lightweight construction without having to forego comfort and quality is the true standard – the Carthago standard.

Innovative thinking, an eye for detail, clever solutions and the processing thereof for a high degree of practical benefit: the perfect combination of high-tech lightweight construction materials, intelligent processing and pioneering spirit. These are the ingredients for our unique overall vehicle concept, and are deeply rooted in our Carthago Premium DNA.

This premium DNA is our value promise to you, and summarises that which makes every Carthago motorhome something special.

Icon 3,5t Leichtbautechnologie - Carthago Reisemobilbau GmbHLight

Minimum weight and maximum quality – unique in the premium class: the Carthago lightweight construction technology. More payload, lower fuel consumption and fewer restrictions in road traffic. And extremely stable and durable nevertheless, super-light with maximum comfort and a comprehensive range of equipment. 

The Carthago lightweight construction technology

Put it in, or leave it out? This question has been asked by every motorhome owner when loading their vehicle. Because each kilogram of vehicle weight decides how much comfort and fun you have on your holiday

Less weight means more reserves for your holiday luggage: 100 kilos less weight corresponds to a 100 litre fresh water tank, an additional passenger with luggage, a motorised scooter or four off-the-shelf Pedelecs. Wine enthusiasts will certainly appreciate the weight reduction when they return from their holiday with about 100 bottles of their favourite wine.

Who is allowed to drive what? Since the introduction of a class B driving licence on 1st January 1997, owners are only allowed to drive a vehicle of up to a maximum permissible total weight of 3,500 kilos. You also benefit as far as the road traffic regulations are concerned with our lightweights.

Motorhomes with a permissible gross weight of less than 3.5 tonnes pay lower toll fees in many countries. You also save a significant amount of fuel with a lighter vehicle, which is not only an advantage for your wallet, but also the environment. 100 kilos less reduces SAVE TIME AND EFFORT average fuel consumption by about 0.3 litres per 100 kilometres. With mileage of 20,000 kilometres per year, you will save approximately a full tank of petrol. At the same time, there will be about 160 litres less CO² in the environment.

The new lightness of travelling: The optimised lightweight construction overall vehicle concept of a Carthago motorhome has a direct and positive effect on the driving dynamics and stability. Your vehicle has stability on the road at all times – for you and your passengers. And over the long term: Inspired by aircraft construction, our motorhomes represent longevity, protection and value retention.

Your advantages

+ Outstanding agility and lighter weight due to short vehicle lengths
+ More payload also in the 3.5 t weight class
+ Lower fuel consumption
+ Fewer restrictions because of road traffic regulations
+ Fewer toll charges

Feather-light and yet extremely stable

The Carthago main body construction technology is unmistakeable. The targeted use of high-stability high-tech lightweight construction materials and connecting technology reduces the weight of the main body. At the same time, it increases stability and safety as well as the durability and value retention of every Carthago motorhome. 

Extremely stable ...

... yet still lightweight. Thanks to the fullsurface bonding of the aluminium frame members, the special combination of aluminium on the exterior and interior walls and the RTM hard foam insulating core, Carthago does away with additional, weight-intensive wall reinforcements.



Extremely clever ...

... and well thought-out – the modelspecific, coordinated wheelbases. The result is an optimum weight balance between the front and rear axles which makes large payloads possible.



Extremely solid ...

... yet still comfortable. The continuous double floor provides the best insulation and unlimited storage space. Together with the AL-KO “special light” low frame, it also contributes to the overall stability of the structure.



Feather-light and yet exclusive

The expertise of the Carthago developers, which has been perfected over decades, has shown that lightweight construction must not be noticeable inside the motorhome.

On the contrary: High-quality and comfortable furnishing down to the last detail, solid and durable – and in every single Carthago motorhome. 

Pure quality ...

... and strikingly lightweight – the furniture in Cart ago motorhomes. Manufacturing in accordance with “piping technology” reduces weight without loss of elegance or functionality.




Wohnmobil Carthago 2021 chic e-line s-plus Interieur Schlafbereich Bett Einstiegstreppe

... and extremely comfortable. Among other things, there are practical special features in the sleeping area with the pull-out steps for accessing the spacious lengthways single beds.

We do away with weight, but not luxury...

Lightweight construction at any price? Not at Carthago. Because we are premium and will remain premium – even in our lightweight construction technology. Exclusivity is a MUST at Carthago.

Our solution: We are lightweight without making concessions – we still want maximum quality, the most sophisticated design, multifunctional equipment and comfortable living convenience for your relaxing holiday. 

... so you don't lose out anything!

The decision about what to take and how much additional luggage to carry on holiday is your decision alone.

It COULD be everything: comprehensive range of sports equipment, a full set of mountaineering gear, hiking or fishing equipment, several Pedelecs, several crates of your favourite wine, an entire barbecue set-up, camping table and chairs, parasols and much more ...

We provide you with maximum payload reserves for the most important things which will make your holiday unique – without foregoing anything.

Would you like further information on Carthago lightweight construction technology?

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