Lightweight construction

Carthago lightweight construction technology

Down with the weight, up with the quality – specially for the 3.5 t weight class

Extremely stable and super light: Carthago is the pioneer for intelligent lightweight construction throughout the industry. Intelligent means: Carthago reduces the weight, but not the customary comfort or quality. The Carthago c-compactlinesand c-tourer are the lightest models in their class. With maximum stability, quality, maximum comfort and a comprehensive range of equipment. The consistent lightweight construction technology has many advantages: more payload and less fuel consumption and emissions at the same time. For the first time, Carthago succeeded in developing a premium 
motorhome in the 3.5 t weight class in a practicable way, and it has been the benchmark in the premium class since then.


Your added value with Carthago

+  More payload also in the 3.5 t weight class
+ Lower fuel consumption
+ Fewer restrictions because of road traffic regulations
+ Fewer toll charges



The Carthago main body construction technology is highly stable and light. The combination of aluminium on the outside and the inside and the RTM hard foam insulating core which are typical of the brand allows Carthago to dispense with weight-intensive wall reinforcements.



Carthago weight-optimised furniture design: thanks to the piping technology, the curved and rounded moulded furniture parts have high stability and less weight at the same time



Together with the self-supporting main body and the special AL-KO low frame, the Carthago double floor contributes to providing maximum stability and torsional rigidity